We would like to say our story began in a galaxy far, far away but we can’t.

It was inspired by a love of sci-fi movies – stories that gave us the courage to dream.

enginamailer enginamailer
Daring to Dream

Daring to Dream

Our story started with a desire to connect people using the humble email. We saw that this small collection of bits and bytes were still whizzing around the world no matter the advances that happened elsewhere – be it in the social or messaging space.

The humble email still survived.

Creating the Plan

Creating the Plan

Being hardcore email users ourselves (our Commander would always issue a gruff “put that in an email ”, even after things have been settled on other messaging platforms), we wanted to know more about how people were engaging with our emails.

Once we had the data, we wanted to see how we could make the data work for us – and because we couldn’t be bothered to pander to the Commander’s every request, we wanted to see how all this could be automated so we could sleep restfully at night.

It was a case of –

“Let’s see what’s at the end of the lane,”and when we got there, “Let’s see what’s at the end of that one”.
That was the start of our never-ending journey, driven by curiosity, many moons ago.

And we wanted to do it so everyone could be part of this exciting journey.

Building the Teams

Building the Teams

It began with a small team of four – but as we journeyed, we picked up more like minded travelers and now we are an army of 17 – each with a vital function to keep the engines running – from designers to developers to customer support and more. Because like Scotty, our Commander is always asking us to give it a bit more juice!

Once all the roads on Earth had been walked, we set our sights on the stars and rocketed off on the good ship Enginemailer.

Businesses from big and small have joined us on our journey to the stars.

Our love for space and sci-fi hasn’t disappeared.
As you can see, this has even translated into how we portray ourselves as well as our nicknames.

To be continued...

Crew Members

  • Jeffri Shahul Hamid
  • Soh Eu-Beng
  • Tey San Sun
    San Sun
  • Zachary Yap
  • Afif Azman
  • Chin Choon Yeen
    Choon Yeen
  • Arishah Eleika Ramli
  • Suchitra Kumar
  • Yasmin Yahya
  • Gavin Saw
  • Alfred Teoh
  • Lucas Law
  • Kwa Phei Loo
  • Nor Liza Binti Hussain
  • Khor Jia Meei
    Jia Meei
  • Eric Lim
  • Lee Yung Chang
    Yung Chang
  • Siti Munirah
  • Teh Jiande

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