11 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices To Boost Your Campaign

You might be wondering how your B2B business could receive help from email marketing.

Email is one the most effective form of marketing strategies to help uplift any business.

Businesses of all sizes across the globe use the power of email marketing due to the multitude of benefits it offers.

If you have not tried it out yet, it is time you start implementing this method. Why? Because this is the marketing channel which continually delivers the highest ROI (Return Of Investment).

A study conducted by eConsultancy has revealed that more than 74% of marketers feel that email marketing is an exemplary marketing channels which supports B2B organisations and clear the way for an increased ROI.

B2B email marketing best practices for a personalised campaign

Studies have shown that a whopping 65% of businesses reported that they have considered switching vendors if they do not personalise their messages.

Personalisation is the ultimate cheat sheet for a successful email marketing game.

Subscribers and customers love to be appreciated and to have a distinctive touch, especially when they know that they are just one among many people receiving emails from you.

Personalisation is when marketers can use subscriber data associated with email content to craft tailor-made emails for recipients.

The graph below shows the email click rate and open rate by the degree of personalisation.


Source: Statista

Certain brands have reported a 30% increase in their conversion rate and a 135% increase in their click-through rate.

It is no wonder then that when a customer comes across an email addressed specifically with their name on it, they will be tempted to open it.

Studies have shown that 62.27% of the mail recipients respond favourably to emails addressed to them.

In this article, we have included eleven steps to help you craft messages that your users will love to open and read.

1. Clean up all your data

Clean and up to date data is the heart and soul of every successful B2B email marketing campaign.


Source: becoming human

Scrubbing your email list helps you to keep a high quality list and remove those subscribers who are not interested in receiving your emails.

Studies have shown that 25% of B2B databases are inaccurate, and 60% of companies have unreliable data health.

Take some time to update your lists to make sure that the data that you are working on is streamlined.

Additionally, you could make use of intent data to create a proactive email marketing campaign which tells you why someone visits your website.

2. Avoid embedding forms directly in your emails

A sizable number of B2B businesses like retails, hotels, etc use forms to generate customer data.

However, the main problem with forms is that they are not mobile-friendly and end up creating a negative impression on your clients.

But why is that even important?

It is because the statistics say that in 2019, 80% of all business searches happened through mobile phones.

Check out the graph below to see the amount of time that potential customers spend on their smartphone.


Source: Statista

By removing it, you not only provide your clients with a favourable positive impression but also increases the likelihood of attracting new clients.

3. Ensure lead verification

You might be wondering why you need human lead verification? Well, the answer is quite simple; the prime agenda of B2B marketing is to boost sales. Businesses like retail, F&B, etc rely completely on the sales figures to calculate their growth.

While your marketing efforts do draw in a lot of leads, the reality is only a few of these will turn out to be sales leads.

It would be best if you put in all the efforts to maximise the conversion rates. Thus to ensure this, you need to verify your leads.

It will help you to assign scores to your leads and to ensure that you have high-quality ones.

With better quality leads, you will be able to choose the right strategy that works perfectly for your B2B organisation.

4. Create better landing pages that are self-nurturing

Self-nurturing landing pages are most suited when it comes to educating your website visitors at their desired pace.

By opting this technique, you could avoid the hassle of making them fill up forms which are an outdated technique in a B2B marketing environment.

The wonderful thing about this method is that the emails obtained will be highly relevant as the visitors have willingly entered their email address and have gone ahead to some extent in the sales funnel which will bring a faster conversion.

5. Segment your email list

List segmentation and customer segmentation is a sure shot technique to gain the trust of your readers.

For a better B2B email marketing, it is crucial to segment your list based on the interest levels of the audience in your brand.

This will also help you to deliver an email experience that is relevant at a personal level to your readers which in turn maximises the chance of a conversion.

If you are wondering how to gather information, the simplest of all methods is to ask them a few questions about their preferences before signing up.

For a B2B organisation, more success will be obtained by focusing on firmographics such as

  • Company size
  • Company name
  • Job title and role
  • Purchasing power
  • Buying stage
  • Industry

6. Personalise your message

A study conducted by GetResponse has shown that personalisation improved the open rate by 29.95% and a click-through rate of 5.03%.

According to Epsilon, when the customers are delivered a personalised approach, more than 80% of them are most likely to make a purchase.

In today's world, so many tools and techniques have evolved for marketers to personalise messages according to the buying decision of a person.

You can gather data from your existing clients to identify the common characteristics of your ideal customers.

These common characteristics are called buyer persona, which includes the details of the person such as psychographic, demographic, and geographic information.

Some of the strategies by which you could personalise your B2B email marketing is that:

  • Categorise your email based on different personas.
  • Ensure periodic follow-ups.
  • Segment your list based on time zones, to make sure that the customers receive messages at the right time.
  • Ask relevant questions, so your audience has suitable options to act.
  • Use highly contextual subject lines.
  • Set up trigger email based on a particular user behaviour

7. Create subject lines that incite interest

Studies have shown that 64% of the users open an email solely based on the subject line.

Now, this might be a tricky thing to digest for most of you, but the reality is that the subject line does have a powerful impact.


Source: eMarketer

How you should create the subject line will be dependent on the type of your audience.

You could use the following tips to create a better subject line:

  • Make it short, ideally 3 to 5 words
  • Include three or more emotional words or symbols
  • Avoid unnecessary words and symbols.
  • Include a number
  • Best to add emojis

8. Include a call to action

Sending emails is a part of staying connected with your customers regularly. This helps your customers to retain the memory of your company subconsciously.

But isn't it enough?

Well, not exactly. Experts in email marketing have opinionated that you need to do more than just sending regular emails.


Source: Impactbnd

One wise step is to include a call to action in your email. CTA's helps you to continue your conversation with the readers.

A CTA is an invitation to your readers to take the right step. You might have noticed CTA's in several persuasive writings. Once a brand has made a video or blog post, they will often add a call to action at the end.

You could follow some of the tips to create a better CTA.

  • Express the CTA very clearly.
  • Use strong command verbs to start your CTA.
  • Make sure to include words which provoke emotions.
  • Use the tactic of fear of missing out.
  • Make sure that your CTA is visible.
  • If you are using images, make sure that it bypasses image blockers.

9. Make sure to have a friendly tone

The tone in which you craft your email will set expectations at once.

When compared to B2C relationships, the key difference in B2B relationships is that it is about nurturing relationships and providing a valued solution in a way the client will appreciate.

While creating emails for B2B marketing, make sure that it will be in a friendly way to make it appear as if you are providing a helping hand to your clients.

10. Add a social media button

This is an era ruled by social media. Studies done by GetResponse have shown that emails with social media buttons have a 158% better click-through rate.

When your content is shared on various social media platforms, the strength of your link will improve, giving you a higher search engine ranking.

Free icons

Source: Free icons

By including a social media button, you are maximising the possibility of your content being seen by new readers.

Through this, you are increasing your brand exposure which increases your likelihood of gaining more clients.

11. Images are necessary

The prime advantage of adding images in your emails is that it helps to improve the readability and visual interest. Additionally, they also help your clients to keep themselves updated on your services or products.

As a quick tip, make sure to compress the file size to reduce the loading time.

Final Words

The good thing about email marketing is that although it seems complex at first, you can make it as simple as you wish it to be.

With ready to use HTML templates as available with Enginemailer, along with other tools like autoresponders, etc, sending a personalised email for your customers is just a click away.

Email marketing for B2B does not have any hard or fast rules. One good method for a company might not suit the rest.

To put in simple words, you need to develop the best practices for B2B email marketing to suit your specific business needs.

Make sure to put a fine balance in time and effort, which will help you reach your marketing goals easily.