15 Inspirational Black Friday Email Examples

Black Friday is an excellent opportunity for ecommerce stores to boost sales.

Online retailers of all sizes look forward to this day. According to Adobe Analytics, online retailers  earned a combined record of $6.22 billion during Black Friday sales alone in 2018.This was an increase of 23.6% from the previous year.

Sending a Black Friday email is a fantastic opportunity to tap into this gold mine of consumer  spending. However, the main problem as we all know is the massive amount of competition.

Source: Statista

Source: Statista

With thousands of competitors fighting for their own space, it is often challenging to keep audience attention on your brand.

A smart strategy is therefore crucial to develop email campaigns that are effective in holding user attention and driving sales conversion

Tips for creating successful Black Friday emails

1. Keep it short and sweet

While designing emails for your Black Friday sale, make sure that you keep it short and straightforward. Remember that your customers will be getting many more emails from different ecommerce sites, and they will also be busy looking at numerous other online shopping sites.

There are no hard and fast rules regarding the actual size of the email, and opinions vary between marketers regarding ideal size.However, a short email not only helps to gain customer attention but also cuts down the time you take from your customers before they have to make decision.

2. Don't bury critical information

When you send a marketing email for your Black Friday sale, make sure to include the relevant information on the top.

The most important information should be brought out at the beginning of the email. The best way to do this is by including the information in the headline.

Don't bury critical information

Source: Aweber

Your customers will be able to see what exactly the offer is all about with just a glance.

This is especially important for your Black Friday email as audiences will be in a hurry to skim through the offers from all the other ecommerce sites fighting for their attention.

3. Use a catchy subject line

Many of you might have realised that the subject line is more important than an email body.

If your subject line is not good enough to create a great first impression, chances are high that your Black Friday emails will make it straight to the bin.

Consider using some of the following tips to craft an attractive subject line.

  • Highlight your sale and discount details in your subject line (Try to add numbers where possible- say for example 40% off etc.).
  • Keep your subject line humorous.
  • Try to add emojis.
  • Keep your subject lines less than 30 characters long.
  • Create urgency by mentioning the time left for customers to claim the offer.

4. Display your products

Even if you toil for hours to craft the perfect email for your Black Friday sale, there is no guarantee of conversion unless the user is tempted enough to make a purchase.

Display your products

Source: Automizy

If your subscriber happens to see something they like they are more likely to click the CTA button.

An excellent way to increase your click-through rates for Black Friday emails is by displaying the images of your products inside your email. If your audience happens to see something they like, they are more likely to be tempted to make an instant purchase.

5.Try to put GIFs in your email

We live in a fast-paced world where people want to see and understand things in a short period of time. Your role as a marketer is to capture their attention as quickly as possible to turn them into customers.

Try to put GIFs in your email

Source: MailBakery

Videos are great for capturing the customer’s attention. However, the downside is that it takes a lot of time and expense to create a video which is capable of reeling them in within the first five seconds. Video is also only supported by 58% of email clients, making it difficult to even get your foot in through the door.

A good alternative is to use animated GIFs, which can replace video emails as a means to keep receivers’ attention.

6. Send emails when others have not yet started

A surefire way to capture the attention of your readers is to activate your email campaign a little earlier than your competitors. Take a look at the example below. The company sent an early email to its customers, giving them a solution to the problem of overspending on Black Friday.

Send emails when others have not yet started

Source: Bizzabo

If you send Thanksgiving emails somewhere early in December, you will have a better chance to grab the attention of your customer.

7. Use Emojis

Adding emojis to your email is a great way to communicate with your customers. Emojis have become part of our every day communication with our friends and families.

We don't really think twice before sending an emoji to someone who is close to us.

Use Emojis

Source: The drum

As a marketer, you could use the same tactic while sending marketing emails for Black Friday sales. Studies have shown that % of Americans use emojis in their professional communication.

When you add emojis to a message, it is more likely to be regarded warmly by the recipient.

Black Friday email examples

Check out the following examples from popular brands to take inspiration from:

1. Huckberry

The company sends emails that reflect the brand's identity and speaks to its customers. The designers have used a mix of minimal copy and stunning graphics. The white background helps the readers to understand what the email is about with just a quick glance.

The email announces the discount that the company plans to offer to its customers right through the message design.


Source: Sendinblue

The emails were sent around thirty days before Thanksgiving. The company offers various prizes to its subscribers.

The email copy is beautifully crafted to have a conversational style that is in sync with the brand's voice.

2. Redbubble

Most Black Friday emails are pretty straightforward, but how about adding a pinch of humour to make it more exciting? This is what RedBubble has done.


Take a look at this email from RedBubble for Black Friday sales. The designers have included the picture of a couple. You could see the humour element right within their T-shirts announcing the Black Friday sale.

The company also included details of the discount offer at a big size which the reader can understand in a glance.

3. REI

The company is quite well known for its unique marketing strategies through storytelling.

This Black Friday email is a good example of that. The entire email is filled with thrilling pictures showing beautiful natural backgrounds.

There are vivid images that portray the company's mission to "awaken a lifelong love of the outdoors".


Source: Sendinblue

The creators used minimal copy with a CTA button placed right in the middle.

This email campaign connects with the audience at a more personal level by asking them to share the pictures of their adventures.

4. Quirky

The company used animated GIFs to portray their message for Black Friday sales beautifully.

The email design is stunning with so many gifts flying out of an open box. Now this will be highly tempting for someone who is planning to buy Thanksgiving gifts for their friends or family.


Source: Shopify

The company also announces a 50% discount for the most popular inventories and free shipping as well. The email stands out in its design and use of vibrant colours to have an impact on the minds of the readers.

5. Chubbies

This is another example of using humour for Black Friday marketing email.

Anyone who is looking at this email is sure to erupt in fits of laughter, and that’s exactly what the company wants.

The email is unique in many different ways.

Firstly the image of someone who is relaxing on the couch and pouring food down their throat catches the reader's attention.


The caption "sweets=shots=schworts" is fun and cute, which keeps customers reading.

The company announces the sale of their exclusive collection of 'shchworts' on Black Friday with a few lines of copy.

6. Quip

The company has beautifully portrayed their email with a combo of light colours in a beautifully bright background.


Source: Milled

The company makes sure that their Black Friday offer is a one deal offer for all the year. Anyone who wishes to save 20% for buying a quip brush will immediately jump in as it will be their only chance for the year.

Animated GIFs used give the overall image a stylish look.

7. Italic

The Black Friday email from this luxury ecommerce brand offers the customers an opportunity to save the environment for every purchase they make.

Source: milled

The entire concept is based on the sustainable value of the company. The sales promotions are done in a way to resonate the idea with the audience.

Italic also offers considerable discounts to attract the customers for Black Friday sales.

8. Lou and grey

This is another stunning example of Black Friday email. With a minimal copy, the designers have added bright and eye-catching colours.

In this email, the element of urgency is created at a subtle level through a running clock GIF, indicating that time is running out.

Lou and grey

Source: Omnisend

A psychological trigger is induced, which will tempt the viewers to purchase the product. People might feel that they might lose 50% off if they are late and will try to make a quick purchase.

9. Pretty little thing

This is another example of Black Friday emails where the creators have used the element of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). The email itself is beautifully designed with glittering letters in a pink background. The email announces straight 30% off for Black Friday sales.

Pretty little thing

Source: Really good emails

The promo code is highlighted in the middle and placed close to the CTA button. Any woman customer who is seeing this email will find it irresistible to avoid it. The built-in time catalyses the fear of losing and helps to create more conversions.

10. Maurices

The company has an excellent Black Friday email for their campaign. The entire design is in a black background announcing 50% off in the middle.


Source: Omnisend

This visually pleasing email is held together by the strong title "BOGO is the new black" – a shout out to the popular TV show. This design also helps to make this product relevant in terms of pop culture.

Final Words

Sending Black Friday email as a part of your marketing strategy can be the most helpful thing to boost up your sales. In this article, we have mentioned a few tips and examples to craft out the perfect email marketing piece for your e-store.

Check out some of these free holiday email templates to create that perfect balck friday email.