Bulk Email Services: Spread Your Marketing Message in 2020

Businesses today are looking for ways to inform the world about their existence. Bulk Email Services are amongst one of those, and it is what we are discussing here today. As per a survey by Emailmonday, Email marketing gives you an average ROI of $38 for every dollar spent.

In this article, we will take you for a walk where you get to know everything about bulk Email services and why they are a thing. Let's delve deeper.

Send bulk emails for your business.

What is Bulk Email service?

Business houses should be more concerned about running their businesses rather than sending Emails to thousands of people. Also, the cost involved and the human resources required for such a job is not tenable. It is where these service comes into play. They ensure that the task is cheaper, faster, and is more convenient as well.

Bulk Email Marketing

As per a survey by Content Marketing Institute, 93 percent of B2B marketers use Email services to distribute their content. Bulk Email marketing is a way to drive your business with the help of mass Emails. You compose an Email or a set of Emails that a group of people will receive. These Emails may serve different purposes, but most businesses use them to bring in more customers.

Different types of Bulk Emails

There are several types of bulk Emails, all of which serve varied purposes and are applicable under different scenarios. Here are the categories that we should know about –

  • Promotional Emails –
    We can use it as a medium to increase our sales. Using promotional mails, we can inform our customers about the current and upcoming offers, tell them of any new store that is opening in their locality or offer them a one-on-one deal to attract them. Such Emails are a great way to remind customers of your existence and also attracting potential customers to give your brand a try.
  • Newsletters –
    Your stakeholders deserve to know what is going on in your business. With the help of the newsletter, you can keep your customers in the loop. A newsletter is also useful in providing how-to guides to customers, which may help them in creating a bond with your brands.
  • Acquisition Emails –
    Explored terrain is great; unexplored one can be far greater. Acquisition Emails are a way to turn potential customers into real customers. You can offer special discounts or a lucrative deal to convince them to try your products.
  • Retention Emails –
    It is easier to secure a one-off deal than to create a customer that stays. Retention Emails are the Emails sent to existing customers to remind them to purchase your products. It is a way of creating brand loyalty and trust.

Advantages of Bulk Email marketing

Following are some key advantages of using a mass email marketing strategy:

  • You can send mails to a group of people in real-time using bulk Email sender.
  • A bulk Email software ensures that you can send the critical message to a list of people faster and with reduced effort.
  • You can stay in contact with your customers easily.
  • The need for the workforce reduces significantly, and you can now reach the same amount of people at a lower cost.

Key Factors to Remember

While niche and business sector are the key deciding factors for creating a mass email marketing campaign, following are some key pointers to remember when planning your drive:

  • The content must be valuable for it to reach the masses.
  • You must ask for permission from your audience before firing in a plethora of Emails.
  • Break your audience into several core segments to design personalised messages that suit their tastes.
  • Not many will care to read the message if they receive it at an inappropriate time. Timing is the key everywhere, and it is no different here too.
  • Most of the Bulk Emails end up in the Spam Folder. If you want to be different, you must take care of deliverability factors like IP reputation scores, avoiding phishing links, and others as applicable.
  • Testing brings perfection. You must perform the A/B test before moving forward with your campaign. Do not forget to test the sundries involved too.

Important Bulk Email Tools

  • A real-time Email Validation Application Program Interface (API) to ensure that your mailing list has valid contacts and also to boost your reputation as a sender.
  • A rapid-fire throughput Service-Level Agreement (SLA) is essential to ensure that your Emails get delivered without delay.
  • Using deliverability services to help you design the right deliverability strategy and to no end up in the Spam Folder.
  • Getting an Email analytics service to understand the audience's response and to mould your strategy to improve the response.

Send bulk email marketing

How to Send Bulk Emails?

To send bulk Emails, you must create a contact list. Ensure that the list consists of your customers or potential customers for maximum impact. You can, after that, use a paid service or free unlimited bulk mail software to blast these contacts with mail that may drive them to help in expanding your business.

How to Send Unlimited Bulk Emails for Free?

It would be desirable to choose a bulk Email service if you would like to send mass Emails. If you desire otherwise, you can use any of the several bulk blast software to send mass Emails. Free software can only do that much, and there will be several limitations that you must take care of before opting for free bulk Email services.

How do I Send Bulk Emails from Outlook?

To send bulk Emails via Outlook -
  • Click on the Contacts icon to go to the list of Contacts that you have.
  • Select the contacts that you want to send the specific mail. Press Control+A if you're going to send it to the entire list.
  • Now tap on the Only Selected Contacts option and select an Email option available under the Merge To drop-down menu.
  • Now enter the subject line in the text box and tap on Enter. A new Mail Merge Document will soon appear.
  • Compose your mail and then click on Finish & Merge. After that, tap on Send Email Messages and click on OK to finish.

How do I forward Bulk Emails from Gmail?

To send bulk Emails from Gmail –
  • Login into your Gmail account. Tap on the Compose option on the left side of your screen.
  • Tap on the To option in the Email composer. It will open up all your contacts.
  • Choose the people you would like to send an Email. Or you can choose Select All and deselect the ones that you want to exclude.
  • After that, compose your mail and tap on “Send” to forward the message to all the chosen recipients.

How many Email recipients can I send to at once?

Most of the service providers have an upper limit of 500 emails per day. There is no restriction on the number of people you can send these Emails. You can choose a person and send him all the Emails or you can send a single Email to 500 people.

Bulk Email Software Working

Bulk Email software works simply and efficiently. To start, you need to register for an account. Once you have your account verified, you are all set to send your first bulk Email. Select a new campaign and create a mailing list for yourself to proceed. After that choose an Email template from the list of models available. To finish, preview the mail and send it to your mailing list.

Bulk Email checker

A bulk Email checker software is a web application that verifies if an Email ID is real or of bots. If you are into bulk Emailing, you will benefit greatly by getting an Email checker to remove any unwanted contact in your mailing list.

Use bulk email checker to remove unwanted contact in your mailing list.

Is sending mass Email illegal?

Sending mass Email is legal till it adheres to The CAN-SPAM Act. In case any of your mails violates the act mentioned above, you can be subject to a penalty up to $42,530. It can be a costly miss, and hence you should always comply with the law.

Can you send Bulk Emails without spamming?

You can always send bulk Emails without spamming. There are certain conditions that you must fulfil to achieve. To start, work with a reputed bulk Emailer so that they cover all the necessary bases. After that, verify your Email list regularly to prevent yourself from being relegated to the Spam Folder. You must use a bulk Email checker to ensure that your mailing list only consists of real people.

Things to look for in a bulk email software

1. Good reputation

In the world of email marketing, reputation is often a measurable score that depends on several factors such as the rate at which the emails are successfully delivered, the number of bounces, types of automations software available, provision of customisable templates, and of course, customer reviews.

Countless hours of marketing efforts are wasted if emails are not delivered or subscribers aren't opening your campaigns.

Make sure that you choose an email service provider that has the tools to track your emails and detect the problems before they get out of hand.

2. Performance Dashboard

Certain aspects of emails, such as deliverability, spam, bounces, blocks, etc., help you measure your email marketing performance. A good email software will have a dashboard to track all the necessary metrics relating to the email campaign's performance.

Marketers can improve the results by making necessary adjustments depending on the data available to them through the dashboard.

3. Automatic throttling

Automatic throttling is an essential feature for a bulk email software. If you are sending a marketing email to a new IP address, make sure to limit the number of emails you send initially. The volume can be gradually increased later on.

In short, you need to throttle the number of emails you send on a new IP address to ensure maximum deliverability.

If you don't, chances are high that the mail service provider will think you are spamming and start to filter your emails to the Spam folder.

4. Providing a dedicated IP address

Having a dedicated IP address for sending email addresses will help you to improve deliverability. Sending about 100,000 emails and above every month will help you build a sender reputation.

A good bulk email software, can provide you with a designated IP address for sending your marketing emails.

If you are a small business owner, this will be worth the investment as it helps you improve your reputation in a short period of time.

5. Low spam reports

Marketers in current times are very cautious of safeguarding their emails so as not to end up in the spam folder.

When you choose a mass email software, ensure that it has all the necessary tools for handling email bounces and monitoring your new subscribers. This will help to keep the spam score low.

6.Tracking the customer journey

In email marketing, it is essential to track the customer's journey as it will provide the marketers with an understanding regarding the effectiveness of their strategy.

While choosing a mass email software, look for the tracking features that help to analyse the customer’s journey effortlessly and in an easily understandable format.

7. Automation

This is one of the must-have features of a good bulk email software. A good automation software creates better engagement with customers. They feel more connected when they realise that your emails reach them in their time of need.

For example, welcome emails are sent as soon as a customer opts-in for email. This is one of the most necessary and successful methods of automation. This email greets the new subscriber, introduces them to the services you offer, and lets them know what to expect.

Similarly, other automated emails like festival season discounts, birthday and special occasion emails, informational newsletters, etc are a way of keeping your subscribers happy.

Successful Bulk Email campaign examples

Several companies successfully employ bulk Email strategy for expanding their business. Here are some of them –

Selecting a Bulk Email Marketing Company

There are several players in the bulk Email marketing business. All of them vouch to be superior from the rest of the lot. How do you choose the best one? Here are specific criteria that you must look for while selecting the default bulk Emailing service for yourself –

  • Email Delivery Rate to ensure that they are capable of handling your expectations.
  • Email Automation Support to ensure that you get the desired support 24*7.
  • Performance Reports to check if they perform as well as they mention.
  • Mailing List Management to ascertain if they are capable of handling your list of endless recipients.

Bulk Email Advantages

As a quick summary, following are some of the notable benefits of investing in a bulk email software service:

  • Create personalised email content based on the interest of the recipients.
  • Helps to monitor unopened emails.
  • Keep the email list engaged.
  • Allow reputed companies to use your business.
  • Give easy access for contact information
  • Implement confirmed opt-in for all addresses.

Final Words

When we send emails to a group of people, it is important to ensure that they get delivered. To get that done, you must employ the services of a good bulk email sender. We ensure that you get the desired package which suits your business as well as pockets. With the help of our experienced team, you get excellent deliverability and reach and higher open rate than usual.