How To Create An HTML Email - A Thorough Guide

An HTML email is the cornerstone of a good email marketing campaign.

A good email marketing campaign will have a tech-savvy and astute email design that will connect with the subscriber on a visual level.

An HTML email allows you to achieve that goal through the development of the layered and interactive design that is engaging and eye-catching.

As an engaging content is at the center of a good email marketing campaign, a good email marketer develops its content in HTML email format.

The HTML format has grown so common in the email marketing world, that making a simple text-based email strategy for your marketing campaign will look antiquated.

HTML emails

An HTML email is an email that is developed beyond the conventional capacity of an email. A conventional email has text that you can decorate and polish through various fonts and formats. But an HTML email has a much wider range of expression.

The HTML email allows the developer to insert graphics, logos, interesting videos and many other features that are not available in a conventional email.

As email marketing campaigns depend on the subscriber engagement for gauging success, it is highly recommended that the email marketer develops sophisticated skills - in HTML emails so that the content is interesting and interactive.

1. How To Create HTML Email

Creating an HTML email includes the process of developing a complex email template and then incorporating it into your email body.

In this section, we will discuss these two phenomenons separately:

Developing a Template:

If you are a hardcore coder then developing an email template is easy work for you.

HTML email templates are developed simply by going into the HTML section of the email account and developing the code.

Variety of newsletter templates by Enginemailer

But as most individuals do not know how to develop an organic template, the other option is to gain email templates online.

There is a long range of email templates available online that can be used to develop one’s email marketing strategy. The templates are simply downloaded and launched into the system.

2. How to Send Html Email in Gmail

Now we will discuss how the template is incorporated in the body of a Gmail account. Following are the steps you will follow to send an HTML email through your Gmail account:

Send HTML email via Gmail

  • Go to the options tab on the corner circle icon with your initials on it in and click on the settings button in the Gmail tab.
  • In the settings list, you will find the icon of ‘Labs’, click on that icon. That icon allows for experimental features that Google has placed in the email address of every individual user.

    It is always a great idea to explore the section and try out all the features that may interest you.
  • Now you will scroll down in the ‘Labs’ section and find ‘canned responses’ as one of the options. Enable the option. Now your canned responses option has been enabled.
  • To use the template in your email, you will open you regular emails compose tab. Near the icon for the trash can, there will be a triangle faced down. Open the triangle and one of the options will be canned responses.
  • Upon opening the icon, you will go to ‘new canned responses’ and save your template. Now your template is ready to be used.

3. How to Create a Form in HTML And Send it to Email

The various kinds of forms that can be inserted into the emails are readily available online and can be easily accessed. Extract the downloaded files to your domain’s directory on c-panel.

Now you will upload these files to the domain provider as follows:

  • You will open the ‘send_mail.php’ and will edit the $webmaster_email = line.
  • Change the email address to your own email address and a contact form will be emailed to your email address once filled.
  • Now that the form is active and can be used, you can customize the look of your form through changing the HTML code of the form.
  • As it requires coding capabilities, unless you have good coding skills, we will advise you to choose a form that can work on its own.
  • In case you have good coding skills, combine all four files that are downloaded into one PHP file.

This is a tricky process that should only be started if you know what you are doing.

4. How to Send Html Email in Outlook

If you are using Outlook for your HTML email operation then you will need coding skills.

Here is a quick overview of the issues that usually occur when HTML email campaigns are launched in the Outlook.

  • Google allows the user to create elaborate HTML emails that will be opened as they are in the user’s browser.
  • But Outlook has ‘Reduce message size by removing format information not necessary to display the message’ option that is automatically ticked for most users. That option takes away all the fancy setting that you will place in your HTML email.
  • It will also make your email look confusing and thoroughly unformatted so it is hard to sell yourself as an industry expert with a poor email campaign.
  • The solution is that the person goes into outlook settings and unpicks that option but it is rarely an idea that is considered by users.
  • The other option is that you will develop your email in plain text with limited to none formatting option and the email will look like any other email that the user will receive. It will not have the spark that you were hoping to generate.
  • There is also a third option that is used by most individuals. All the cool images and graphics are emailed as attachments. All the attachments that are received by Outlook are automatically opened and come into the bottom of the scroll.

This is a unique idea as Gmail does not have that option. An attachment that is sent in Google has to be opened by the user or it will remain hidden.

The option of using the attachment option is also not necessary in Gmail where extensive and easy HTML development options are available to choose from.

The Process:

Now let us explain how you can develop an email in HTML format. The process is simple.

  • You will go into the Outlook settings and in the mail section, the Mailing format option will be present.
  • You will choose ‘Çonvert to HTML format’ and exit the folder.
  • Again, this is a plain coding option where the developer needs to understand the coming process extensively in order to develop the email.
  • The emails have, thankfully, shifted to the Gmail accounts and most individuals are using Gmail account.

    Gmail accounts allow you to develop extensively sophisticated templates that are useless in Outlook. Outlook does not have the option of importing a template and incorporating it into an email.

    That means developing a complete email template that will also not be well received by the subscriber because their settings are not going to welcome heavy emails.

These are the main few questions that we have answered in the blog post. The main aim of the post was to explain in layman’s terms, how easy it is to develop a sophisticated email marketing campaign.

A good email marketing campaign will heavily depend on the emailed content. In the day and age of highly sophisticated emails, it is crucial to experiment with HTML emails.

The process looks complicated and arduous but here are a few simple solutions to problems that you may face.

  • Contact Forms: Contact forms are the hardest to develop as they require an advanced understanding of the C-pane. Have a friend handy who will develop the contact for your email marketing system.
  • Templates: The prepared templates for Gmail account are more than enough to develop a strong organic email marketing strategy. Use templates that are simple so that you can add your own content in them.
  • HTML: Choose a couple of email templates and develop various different kinds of email templates such as promotional templates, subscription and confirmation emails, and infographics. These email templates will be handy in the ongoing campaign.

Always develop templates for upcoming campaign content that is being planned. The more prepared you are with the template, the less time will be wasted in developing the templates every time. The result will be a smoother campaign.

These simple preparations will allow your content to shine through and your emails will be catchy and interesting.

An email campaign is only as good as its content and modern competition has left every marketer trying to develop the best content.

Have an organic copy that is SEO optimized and use the copy as the focal point for the final development of the template. The resulting content will outshine the competition.