A Guide to Creating an Effective Email Marketing Strategy

The email marketing campaign is the highest ROI generating digital marketing channel in the present years.

The growth of email marketing industry mainly sprouts from the fact that most businesses operate in the medium of email marketing.

As digital marketing mainly focuses on professional interactions that connect with customers, the medium that customers use mostly for professional and discrete matters is ideal to connect with the customers on an authentic level.

Email is the ideal medium for digital marketing because 90% of adults and 74% of teenagers use the email system regularly. Most of the email usage is for semi-formal and professional content.

Email marketing tips: Use segmented lists and divide content based on user preferences!

What is The Definition of an Email Marketing Strategy?

An email marketing campaign is a series of emails that a business sends to its customers, subscribers, and individuals who sign up for these emails.

These emails contain a wide variety of content from information regarding the industry. They also include recent trends in the industry, updates on the business and product launches.

These emails are aimed at developing a strong tie with the prospective buyer so that at the time of purchase, they think of the company.

The main goal of a good email marketing strategy is to develop content that will engage the reader and encourage them to engage in business with the company.

The success of an email marketing campaign is gauged based on the leads and sales that are generated as a result of the campaign.

What Does it Mean to Create an Inbound Email Marketing Strategy?

An inbound email marketing plan is a phrase that is often used in the digital marketing industry. Inbound simply means to engage with the potential buyer through content related to your business. Since they have opted to receive these emails from you, it is inbound.

The main aim of an inbound strategy is to develop a deep and lasting relationship with the reader that allows the reader to trust your brand and your business. This will add value to your business because when the reader has a need in your field, your business will be their first choice of engagement.

Hence, you are continuously gaining new customers and are also creating an organic and trustworthy brand identity in your target audience.

These are the main steps to developing an inbound email marketing plan:

  1. Building an Email List:

    The email list that you develop for your email subscription content is the focus of your email marketing campaign. This is the base on which you will build your campaign.

    The best way to gain an email list is to place a subscribe option on your website. That way the potential leads that come to your website have the option of subscribing to the list.

    Your email list has to contain individuals who are deeply engaged in the product and services that you offer.

    It is tempting to gather a long list of readers who may not be interested in your product. The process of hoarding readers is highly discouraged.

    Focus on developing a list of readers and subscribers who are truly immersed in your field so that they are actually worth the effort it takes to build the campaign.

    Exit Intent Pop-Up: These are pop-up extensions that can be placed on your website. They offer a subscription option to the site visitor when they are leaving.

    Install one on your domain, as they have been highly successful in garnering high quality leads for a subscription.

  2. Be Goal Oriented:

    The main process of email marketing can be seen as mundane. Simply send one email a week and we are done. But the truth could not be farther; email marketing is a long process that focuses on various significant aims. A few of these aims are as follows:

    1. Special emails for new subscribers so that they understand the value of engaging in your campaign.
    2. Developing creative and diverse content such as webinars, live sessions and other value-driven content that will enhance engagement of the reader with your brand.
    3. Providing value to existing subscribers through offers and advice that will benefit them.
    4. Developing re-marketing plans for inactive subscribers so that they engage with the brand again.
    5. Subscriber segmentation so that the content is focused on the receiving subscribers and does not look generic and disengaged.

Email Types and their Uses:

It is important to understand the various types of emails that are a part of an email marketing campaign. There are three main types of email:

  1. Promotional Emails:

    As the name suggests, any new promotions that are being launched by the brand are promotional emails.

    They should be sent sporadically as too many promotions tend to be off-putting to subscribers.

  2. Relational Emails:

    These are simple industry updates, promised information or free gifts. These are the most frequently used emails in the campaign.

    Relational emails are the main source of high-quality organic content and are most welcomed by the subscribers.

  3. Transactional Emails:

    These emails are sent as required. Transaction emails include subscriber sign up confirmation, order or purchase confirmation, welcome messages and similar emails.

    They are exclusive to the subscriber in focus and are not sent as mass emails.

Developing a strategic marketing plan

How Can Email Marketing Fuel The Overall Inbound Strategy?

An email marketing campaign is one tool in the toolbox of your larger digital marketing strategy. Your email marketing campaign has to be designed in a manner that allows you to enhance your overall digital marketing strategy.

This section will help you develop a strategy that will do just that. The role of a good inbound email marketing strategy can be reviewed at Email Monks.

  1. Audience Awareness:

    Your audience does not come from your email marketing list. It comes from the data that you gather from other social sites of the brand.

    The analytics data from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and other digital channels is the key to understanding your target audience.

  2. Be Tech Savvy:

    Use a good email marketing service that provides options such as email templates, workflow templates and allows you to segment your audience.

    Your email service should integrate with mainstream software like Google Analytics and Wordpress and should provide an in-depth campaign performance analysis for your review.

    A good email marketing service is a great way to ensure that your email marketing campaign is run smoothly.

    Most of the email marketing campaigns that run without software aid falter in competition with those that are using tech-savvy tools.

  3. Sign up Forms:

    A good subscriber sign up form on your site is crucial to gaining subscription.

    Make sure that your sign up form offers true value to the potential subscriber in the form of information, promotional campaigns, and latest updates.

    Also, make sure that the form is not generic and is thoroughly in sync with the tone and style of your brand.

The Inbound Methodology

What Does Every Email Marketing Strategy Need?

There are many little trinkets that make an email marketing campaign more successful than its competitors.

Here are a few simple tricks that will make your email marketing campaign stand out from the rest.

  1. Plan your Content:

    It is crucial that you plan your content weeks ahead of the actual day of email sending. Email content can overlap, become monotonous or off track without realizing.

    Planning the content ahead ensures that your content stays engaging and new. It also ensures that you have time to add value to your content.

    Last minute content is poorly written and any subscriber can see through the flaws. It is best to develop content ahead so that it can be carefully designed to cater to the audience properly. It should be noted that getting an email is a personal experience in modern times.

    So the business is well advised to deliver content that is worthy of the experience.

  2. Catchy Subject Line:

    The subject lines are shown to be responsible for the success of an email marketing campaign. Research suggests that subject lines with 41-50 characters are most likely to be opened by the subscriber.

    Subject lines are exceptionally important.

    Make sure that your subject line is informative, catchy and stays within the character limit.

    Avoid making it too formal but also do not make it too colloquial. Find the right balance and you are in business.

  3. Writing the Content:

    Writing the content is a detailed art that will require another blog post. But the content needs to be of high quality and it needs to provide true value to the reader.

    Always remember to keep your emails short and catchy and avoid over-pitching your main point. Repeat your main point three times in the text and that is enough.

Email Marketing Conversion Rate

How Can Email Marketing Conversions Be Improved?

The email marketing conversions usually lag behind even when the campaign is truly high in quality. Here are a few pointers to help you develop an email marketing campaign that will have conversion rate success.

  1. Email Marketing Design:

    An email marketing design is basically the big picture.

    Your email marketing campaign is thoroughly well- developed and you are still not gaining the right conversion rate. The reason is that there is a problem in your content funnel that needs to be addressed or fixed.

  2. Testing the Campaign:

    A good email marketing campaign can be tested through email marketing software. If you have one available, use it to its full potential.

    Test every aspect of your campaign from content to subject line to every other aspect of the campaign so that you have the right data.

    The data collected from these tests is used to optimize your campaign so that it runs in the best way possible.

    In conclusion, a good email marketing campaign requires focus, discipline, and diligence. In modern times, every email address holder gets tens of subscription emails a week. They will only pay attention to yours if it can hold u in the competition.

    Our main advice will be to engage the subscriber like they are an industry expert. In the modern age of unlimited access to data, subscribers are mostly individuals who like to engage in new information and gather data on the focused niche.

    The more challenging and thought-provoking content you will develop, the greater success you will achieve in your email marketing strategy.

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