What Is Email Automation And How To Use It For Your Campaigns?

Marketing your services or products through email is the fastest, most flexible and cost-effective way to retain your existing customers and reach out to newer audiences.

With email marketing, you can create highly personalized messages and develop a strong bond with your customers. This, in turn, can improve the response rate to your marketing campaigns, providing your business room to reap all the benefits in a multifold and cost-effective way.

More and more companies are choosing the smart strategy of setting up automatic email campaigns to bring more traffic to their website.

You might be wondering why? The main reason is to create a mail delivery system that is completely automatic and highly personalized to the user. The current data indicates that businesses that are using email automation generate twice the number of leads than the ones using traditional broadcast emails.

What is an automated email marketing campaign?

As the name suggests, this is an automated way of sending emails to your prospects and customers based on certain predefined factors that can be set by you.

As opposed to regular email newsletters, where you create a bucket full of email lists and send them all at once, an automated campaign is set up in a manner in which messages are sent to a particular individual automatically when the person meets a specific trigger.

Some of the commonly used triggers include:

  • Welcome mails
  • Re-engagement
  • Cart abandonment
  • Subscription renewal

How does email automation work?

The whole dynamics of email automation revolves around triggers and actions. When a particular event is triggered a bunch of messages will be sent to a selected group of ids.

To explain it further let us take the example of a welcome mail that a visitor gets when he signs up on your website.

The mail will be nicely crafted to welcome the new visitor to your brand and guide them on how to get started. They could also be provided with some discount coupons as a part of the new sign up.

Just imagine how difficult it will be to custom create an email each time a new visitor signs up on your website, especially if you have several hundred signups daily.

This is where automated email marketing comes in handy. The beauty of this system of email management is that, once you have set up a template for a certain category of people, the system itself will take care of the rest without the need of any additional effort.

The length of the mail series will depend on the marketing strategy and what type of content you wish to send to your subscribers.

Automated email marketing can be employed for both B2C and B2B companies.

Some crucial areas where a B2B company could use this are:

  • When a visitor views a particular page
  • When a user signs up on your business website.
  • When a visitor starts following your company on social media platforms.

B2C brands can use this:

  • When a buyer is not interested enough and leaves in the middle, without purchasing.
  • When a user was in the process of buying a particular product and leaves in the middle of purchasing
  • Customers who may be interested in similar products.

Why should you use email automation?

Here are some of the top reasons why you should implement email automation:

1. For creating segmented email lists

Effective segmentation is one of the most vital components by which the marketers can reap the maximum benefit out of customer engagement and sales.

Automation allows marketers to create highly segmented mailing lists based on customer activities and data such as purchase history, lead stage, purchase behaviour and so on.

A study done by MailChimp has indicated that segmented emails have 14.3 percent higher open rates and 100.9 percent click-through rates.

2. Create conversions

Research has indicated that more than 60 percent of customers prefer email as a standard method of contact.

Studies have also shown that when it comes to users who participated in select digital activity, email users score the highest.

Email Automation


Sending mails not only adds to the credibility of the services or products that your company has to offer but also helps in engaging your prospective customers by showing them the most appropriate content depending on what stage of the sales funnel they are in.

In marketing terminology, this is often called as lead nurturing.

This also helps to avoid the difficult task of sending each individual message manually.

3. Increase revenue

By using automated email workflows, the sales team could effectively implement a lead nurturing system that can dramatically increase the rate of conversions.

With email automation, even if you are finding only a small rise in the number of conversions,this could have a considerable increase on your sales revenue

The correct formula for conversion is unique to all business firms. With the right timing of your message, you could speed up conversion rates.

Besides, you could have an additional boost in the sales revenue with transactional emails.

These are messages which are sent to visitors when they perform a specific action such as, for example, purchasing and downloading ebooks.

With email automation, marketers could gain the maximum value out of transactional mails.

Studies have shown that personalized emails deliver transactional rates that are 6X higher.

For example, an email confirming an order could also include a list of similar products at the bottom.

Research has shown that transactional emails could, alone, boost the revenue by six times.

The graph below shows the revenue that comes from different types of email

Email Automation


4. Retain existing customers

The whole process of marketing not only revolves around attracting new customers but also in retaining existing customers, as a significant portion of revenue is from current customers as well.

With email automation, the whole process of retaining your existing customers works like a charm, and with this, you could automate :

  • Opinions about the services you offer.
  • Request for feedback on services.
  • Send occasional gift coupons which offer some discounts.
  • Notify them when any major offer sale is planned.
  • Give exclusive offers to the customers who used to shop for larger amounts
  • Plan re-engagement campaign when customers move astray

By deploying the above tactics, you could retain the strong bond that you share with your customers.

5. Improves efficiency

Marketers can save a lot of money and workforce required to do repetitive tasks such as

  • Tracking customer data
  • Segmenting customer data into categories
  • Determining the level of customer interest.
  • Calculating ROI
  • Reconnecting with lost leads

6. Personalize the experience of your customers

Many eCommerce owners and marketers have accepted the fact that most customers love personalization.

Studies have shown that 50% of companies think that an increase in personalization could help a lot in interaction with the subscribers.

Research has shown that over 90% of customers found personalized content very appealing.

About 91% of consumers loved to promote businesses which has suggestions and offers custom-tailored to meet the individual needs.

Studies have also shown that the click-through rate increased by 11% when shoppers received emails based on their site activity.

7. Improves employee productivity

Automation is the buzzword of this modern digital era. In a recent survey conducted on workers, it was suggested that automation helps a lot in improving productivity.

  • 69% of workers said that automation could help to reduce wasted time.
  • 72% agreed that the wasted time could be effectively channelized to improve productivity & most important of all
  • 59% agreed that if the repetitive jobs were automated, they could at least save 6 hours a week.

The above data means that marketing teams could effectively use the wasted hours spent in performing repetitive tasks to focus more on important aspects such as revenue calculations and building a personal touch with their customers.

8. Highly beneficial in sales

Email automation is highly beneficial for sales teams when it comes to nurturing potential customers.

If a potential buyer is constantly engaged with mails, the sales team will be able to find out what kind of messages they are interested in based on the specific action taken on the email.

For example: If a person has completed a free survey, it means that they are ready to be approached by the sales team and the workflow can send automatic emails to them regarding the latest products or offers.

9. Welcome new subscribers

Studies have shown that 96% of visitors to your website are not ready to buy during the initial approach.

However, while visitors were on your site, they have clearly shown their interest in what you have to offer. This makes them the perfect candidate to continue communication in order to get them to buy later on.

One of the most effective ways to do this is to make them subscribe to your mailing list. Once they have subscribed, you could send automated emails to create conversions.

The most straightforward way to do this is by adding a subscription box on your website asking visitors to sign up.

Once they have signed up, you can send automated emails to those who join the list.

Tips for email automation

1. Segment your mailing list

This will help you to provide a unique and enhanced customer experience to your subscribers. You can do the segmentation based on demographics, age, online behaviour and so on.

2. Ask your subscribers what they want.

Once you have collected emails, the first message should be about asking your subscriber what they signed up for. Based on their reply, you could carefully segment the mailing lists to suit their unique preferences.

3. Use effective timing

There are no hard and fast rules for this. Choose the timing that works the best for you. You could make some random trials and choose the timing which gets you the maximum open rate.

4. Use plain and simple messages

When it comes to email automation, plain and straightforward messages work the best. It is better to avoid any unnecessary images as the email program could block it.

5. Choose the right solution

This is entirely dependent on the type and scale of business. Make a list of all your preferences and needs before choosing the automation software that fits best for your business.

6.Trim down the list

Having a vast mailing list doesn’t necessarily guarantee success. You have to choose the right number of customers for targeted email automation.

Let’s say for example: You have a list of subscribers who haven’t opened your mails for the last four months. Wait for a reply and if they haven’t still opened, you can safely remove them from the list.

Bottom Line

Competition in the online world is increasing day by day. As a marketer, you need to find the most fitting solution for your business to drive more traffic and increase conversion rates.

With a whole lot of solutions available these days to increase conversion, email automation undoubtedly remains one of the most impactful and effective ways to drive maximum results with limited time and resources.

By choosing a useful automation tool, you could drive revenue for your business with minimal investment.