Why an Email Distribution List is Essential for Your Business and How You Can Create One

Email has changed how the world communicates with each other. But although email has been around for quite some time, most businesses are still not sure of how to use it to its full potential.

Email is vital for business. From everyday communications within teams to reaching out to potential clients or customers, email has become indispensable for all business activities. It has quickened the pace of communication and removed barriers between people.

It is estimated that there are more than 3.8 million people around the globe who use email. Apart from making communication easier and faster, email has offered a kind of convenience that has made business a lot simpler.

Email is vital for businesses.

One of the ways in which email has made business simpler is by email distribution lists.

Before we get in the process of creating email distribution lists and learning how to use them to make business efficient, let us first take a quick look at what an email distribution list.

What is an Email Distribution List?

Most of the time, businesses need to send the same email to many people at the same time. If you were to use traditional email methods, you would have to add all the recipients in the CC section.

This CC function does not always allow you to send an email to a very large number of email addresses. Additionally, you would have to manually enter each email address, which is a very time consuming process.

Sending email to large number of email addresses.

This is the case when you have to send an email to a set of people ONCE. But what happens when you want to send your email list emails on a regular basis?

How do you manage your email list?

How do you choose which email addresses to send a specific email?

How do you schedule an email in advance?

With traditional emailing, all these tasks are not possible. However, using an email distribution list will help you do all this and more.

An email distribution list allows you to add the emails of those who want to hear from you on a regular basis. It allows you to send out emails to your whole email list on a predetermined schedule. It also allows list segmentation so that you can send specific emails to only certain members of your email list.

The Importance of an Email Distribution List

Before you decide to build email list for your business, it is important to first understand the benefits of an email distribution list. Only then will you be able to truly allocate the right budget and resources to build and maintain your email distribution list.

So what are the benefits of an email list?

  • Creating a strong customer base.
  • Reaching out to those who want to hear from you regularly.
  • Priming your target audience for your latest products and services.
  • Offering special discounts and offers to your loyal customer, and more.

Creating an Email Distribution List from Scratch

There are many ways to create an email list from the ground up. You could choose to offer a kind of freebie, or ‘lead magnet’ as it is called.

A lead magnet gives incentive for people to join your email list. It also tells them that you are not just after their money, but are going to add value to their lives.

Attract visitors to sign up your email list.

Once you start putting out good content and valuable and actionable advice, people be naturally interested in hearing from you and will be looking for a way to get timely updates from you.

This is why it is important to strategically place sign up forms on your website and promote them well on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram.

Figure out where your target audience hangs out, and on which social media platform. Then focus on one social platform till you gain a good following on it. Only when you master one platform, move to the next. There’s no point getting on all the social platforms and not getting any results.

How to Create an Email Distribution List in Microsoft Outlook

If you do not use an email marketing tool, you can use Microsoft Outlook to create an email distribution list.

Here are some easy-to-follow steps to create a new email distribution list in Microsoft Outlook:

  1. Click on ‘Find’ on the right top corner in Microsoft Outlook.
  2. Go to the address book.
  3. Then click on the ‘File’ tab and choose ‘New Entry’.
  4. Then select ‘New Contact Group’ to create your email list.
  5. Once the group is created, you can add the contacts that you want to include in your list.
  6. To do this, click on ‘Add Members’ and select ‘From Outlook Contacts’.
  7. You will then be able to see all your Microsoft Outlook contacts and add the ones you want to include.
  8. You can hold the CTRL key and add all the contacts you want to include in your email distribution list.
  9. Once you have selected all the email addresses you want to add, click ‘Members’ and then click ‘OK’.
  10. You can then choose to name your list appropriately.
  11. Click the ‘Save and Close’ button.

It’s that simple!

Once you have saved your email list, you can now send them emails. To send them an email, type in your group’s name in the ‘To’ field.

An email list is a very crucial part of your marketing strategy, no matter what kind of business you do. Having a group of people whom you know are interested in hearing about you and how your products or services can help make their lives easier can do wonders for your business.

These days every business needs an online presence to succeed, and part of that online presence is by building personal relationships with your customers from their inboxes.

An email distribution list is a very simple way of sending a particular email to a list of individuals.

An email distribution list is a very simple way of sending a particular email to a list of individuals, even thousands! It is therefore crucial for you to dedicate a good-sized budget to your email marketing strategy.

Email could be the primary mode of communication to your subscribers. Although you may have a strong presence on almost all social media platforms, nothing beats email marketing in terms of return on investment or ROI.

Now that you know the importance of an email distribution list, you could choose to take months or even a couple of years to work on your email marketing skills and start seeing some results, or you could take the advice of experts in the field.

Unlike social media, email marketing has a very different approach and strategy, which means you need specialised knowledge on how to A/B test, how to segregate your email distribution list effectively, how to prep your list for sales, and how to slowly nudge them down the sales funnel.

You will also need a smart and robust email marketing automation tool to help you in automating welcome sequences, trigger sequences, and other sales and marketing emails.

It is crucial to write thoughtful email copy that does not seem too ‘salesy’, but conveys your brand’s tone and voice, and relays your message directly into the customer’s inbox.

Another tip to send successful email marketing campaigns to your email list is to address their pain points and provide free advice and solutions to them. This will slowly build trust and give your brand authority in the field you do business in.

Even if a customer does not buy from you right away, he or she will be curious to hear more from you, and stay on your list just because of the pure value you deliver to them regularly. Don’t shove your product or service in their face all the time.

Send email marketing campaigns.

You could start by giving them a ‘taste’ of what your product or service feels like by giving them a limited period free trial. Once they see how useful your product is, they will be all the more readier to buy from you.

Once you have turned your subscriber into a one-time customer, continue to provide value, and offer upgrades or deals on discount, especially for them.

This will give them incentive to use your service more or buy more of your products.

This is the power of email marketing, and having a highly engaged email list. You will not only be making more sales from your customers, but you will also be adding more value into their lives.

If you haven’t yet started an email distribution list, start now so that you do not miss out on all the benefits a good email list has to offer. But be careful not to go overboard with email marketing - do not buy email lists from anywhere, and do not bombard your subscribers with promotional emails.

It always pays to have a good balance between pure value that is free, and sales email. Test out different emails and see what works best for your company. As long as you send the right emails, you will gain the best ROI from email marketing.