10 Best Email Marketing Examples in 2018

A crowded inbox - this is a common problem everyone faces.

Everyday, dozens of emails pour in from email marketing campaigns we’ve subscribed to. In our busy day, there’s just no time to read every single email.

This is what your customers face everyday, too.

And this is what you’re competing against.

So, how do you make sure your own newsletters stand out in the crowd?

How do you get your subscribers to click ‘Open’ and actually READ your email content? Easy - learn from the best.

Go through the best email marketing examples and find out what they’re doing. But it’s not really possible to subscribe to every single newsletter out there and study their email marketing campaigns. Which is why, we’ve done the work for you!

We’ve rounded up a list of the best email marketing examples of 2018 and analysed them to show you what works.

Here’s what we’ve found. Read on.

How Do You Run a Successful Email Marketing Campaign?

Here are some quick tips to help you craft a successful email marketing campaign:

  1. Understand Your Target Customer:

    The secret to a successful email marketing campaign is to understand your target audience and what they want to hear.

    That way you can develop content that can live up to your subscribers’ expectations.

    Develop your brand around your niche. Stop trying to appeal to everyone. Instead, identify the personality and traits of your target customer and develop your campaign around that.

  2. Personalize Every Email:

    Emails that begin with a generic ‘Dear Sir/ Ma’am’ put off your readers. It shows that not much thought has gone into sending those emails.

    Always add your subscriber’s name while addressing them.

  3. Use Captivating Images:

    No one likes to read a plain chunk of boring text.

    Include some colourful images that reflect your brand. Include text in large fonts inside your images, as people are most likely to read them.

  4. Optimize For Multiple Devices:

    People access emails through various devices. It is important that your emails have a responsive design that is optimized for mobile phones, tablets, as well as desktops.

    According to research by Hubspot, more than 70% of companies ensure that their email marketing campaigns are optimized for mobile devices.

  5. Include a Meaningful CTA (Call To Action):

    Every email must have a point to it. Otherwise, you’re just taking up your subscriber’s valuable time and inbox space.

    This is why it is very important to wrap up every email with an appropriate call to action.

Best Email Marketing Examples:

  1. UBER
    UBER's free ride campaign

    Uber’s email marketing strategy is its simplicity.

    It does not deliver a ton of wordy content to its subscribers, but gets straight to the point.

    Uber’s marketing campaign is designed for the busy crowd who scan content quickly. It contains a catchy title, a quick description, and a clear and straightforward CTA.

    Uber also keeps the theme of it’s emails in line with its brand image. This includes using fonts, colours and designs consistently throughout it marketing campaigns.

  2. DropBox
    DrobBox's cute and non-intrusive email

    DropBox has a pretty cool user re-engagement strategy. You might think that emails from services that people haven’t been using may not be welcomed by them. But DropBox proves this thinking wrong.

    With a few cute images and a message that’s short and sweet, DropBox reminds subscribers of its existence in a non-intrusive way.

    If you are using this kind of an email strategy, you could also include a ‘limited period offer’ that will encourage people to download or install your product.

  3. Nike
    Nike Father's Day email campaign

    Nike’s email campaign here targets an upcoming special day - Father’s Day.

    What’s great about this email is how Nike uses an appropriate product image paired with clever copy. Everyone’s looking for the perfect gift for Father’s Day and Nike serves it to you on a plate (or in an email).

    Again, a reminder that less is always more when it comes to creating effective email marketing copy.

  4. Litmus
    Litmus' email campaign recoonnecting with subscribers

    Litmus is an email marketing company. So, of course it's marketing campaigns will stand apart.

    In this example of one of its email strategies, Litmus is trying to reconnect with subscribers who haven't opened their emails in the recent past.

    It’s a great example of how respecting your subscriber’s privacy and time will help you gain their trust.

    Litmus also incorporates a lot of GIFs and videos in their marketing campaign. This makes their content unique and entertaining to subscribers.

  5. BuzzFeed
    BuzzFeed’s email marketing campaign is centered around list segmentation

    BuzzFeed’s email marketing campaign is centered around list segmentation. That means subscribers get to choose which type of emails they want to receive from BuzzFeed.

    This is a very effective strategy, especially if your brand covers a wide audience. You can curate content that is tailored to your subscriber’s preference and send them just that.

    BuzzFeed is also known for its catchy headlines that will make you want to click through and read their content. Popular among its other long form content is its weekly cat newsletter. Now who can resist that?

  6. Taylor Stitch
    Email campaign from Taylor Stitch

    Taylor Stitch is a men’s clothing brand. You would expect them to flood subscribers’ inboxes with the latest tips and advice on mens’ fashion. But that is not what they do.

    Instead, their marketing campaign is the simplest you would ever see. Every email simply has the latest collection of clothing available with all the necessary details such as prices and number of items.

    Men can choose their items of interest and buy them at their earliest convenience.

    You see, Taylor Stitch understands that men do not want fashion advice delivered to their email address. They simply want to know about the new available collection and how to shop. No content diversity needed!

  7. Starbucks
    Starbucks' emails showcase tempting pictures

    Starbucks uses the power of beautiful images. Most of their emails showcase tempting pictures of items from their menu - along with irresistible offers!

    Starbucks knows that their customers would love some discounts on heir most popular items. They also offer buy one get one free deals so they know you’ll bring a friend and order other items on their menu.

    Their email copy is crisp and clear, with important words in bold. That’s sure to grab their subscribers' attention!

  8. Flock
    Flock's notification email example

    Now, Flock is one for the ages.

    This is a virtual workplace application that allows users to create work groups. As individuals interact with their work through the application, they already send out plenty of emails to their users.

    So there are absolutely no content-driven emails from the applications. Subscribers only receives notifications, reminders, confirmation and other similar emails to their email address.

    It must be a truly risky pitch from the email marketing strategist, but they have pulled it through in an excellent fashion.

    Their content engages out of utility and their decision to opt out of self-promotion is plain genius.

  9. HeadSpace
    HeadSpace's emails are simple with cool graphics, simple reminders, promotions, and classy cartoons

    This is a guided meditation app.

    You would expect them to write extremely long and tiresome emails about the power of self-healing.

    But that’s not what they do. Their emails are simple with cool graphics, simple reminders, promotions, and classy cartoons. Their aim is to charm and disarm - and they execute their plan beautifully.

  10. Airbnb
    Airbnb's emails are minimalistic

    Airbnb has a simple, minimalistic email copy. They don’t do promotions that frequently, but ask users to take surveys based on their experience.

    This makes customers feel like their opinion is valued.

    The design of airbnb’s email campaigns is crisp and their CTA is to the point.

How Can I Improve My Email Marketing?

That question can be answered simply by dissecting the marketing campaigns that are discussed above.

So here are a few takeaways for you to remember regarding the art of email marketing.

  1. Value Your Subscriber’s Time:

    It is a general assumption that promotions do not have any value. When a person receives a promotion, they assume that they will get a discount or a concession that they may not need. The result is that the subscriber will not consider the email a top priority.

    If they do open your email, make sure that your content is simple and to the point. This will at least keep them engaged until you have made your point.

  2. Sharpen Your Presentation Skills:

    Presentation, and not content is king when it comes to email marketing.

    Yes, you heard us right.

    When one is writing for a web page then the content matters because the reader has already chosen to engage with the content.

    But in an email marketing campaign, they have to choose to engage.

    They are subconsciously going to value their time.

    So develop animated, interactive, and simple content that is engaging and eye-catching. That way, they will have to see the value of your content without any prompting.

  3. Know Your Audience:

    Sit down and read the audience data that you receive. Jot down the main characteristics such as jobs, ethnicity, age groups, and similar data. Truly attempt to visualize a regular customer to your product.

    Understand their schedule, preferences, and sensibilities in an overall manner.

    Always make sure that you keep your subscriber in mind while developing your emails. Keep your emails short and direct.

    Make sure that the graphics and presentation you choose will connect with your subscribers.

  4. Focus on Brand Identity:

    Email marketing is the best way to develop brand identity if used properly.

    The tone, color scheme, presentation of content and all other factors bring about your brand identity. Make sure that your brand identity comes out strongly in the content that you deliver.

  5. Design Good Emails:

    Avoid sending out text-only emails in email marketing campaigns.

    Develop strong templates that are simple and highly customized.

    The emails that are sent in email marketing campaigns are expected to be highly individualized. For a good collection of HTML email templates, check out Hubspot's post on the topic.

  6. Remember That Less is More:

    Less is more in email marketing.

    In all the examples except for BuzzFeed, the campaigns have developed short, engaging and to the point content.

    The fact is that most individuals do not have time to read long-form content. It is better to simply diversify the types of content that are placed in the campaign so that email engagement can yield results.

    In conclusion, the email marketing campaigns have thoroughly diversified in recent years and have grown into deeply strong content-driven engagement tactics.

    There are many highly successful email marketing campaigns that do not include formal hellos.

    Instead, they simply mention the name of the subscriber in the subject line to gain attention.

    Most of the users see these tactics like email marketing tricks and do not place much weight on them.

    The email marketing campaign is best served by a content plan that is deeply engaging and highly uniform in its presentation as well as delivery.

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