Email Marketing For Hotels: Top 11 Strategies to Use

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The power of Email marketing has completely transformed the hotel industry. In this digital era where customers have multiple alternatives at the tip of their fingers, organisations must stay creative to attract new clients and boost their business.

The hotel industry is one of the most competitive businesses, and this means an effective marketing strategy is crucial for its success.

Studies have shown that the hotel industry is booming and in 2018, the retail value reached over 500 billion dollars. The graph below shows the market size of the hotel industry from 2014 to 2018.


Source: Statista

With this growth come immense challenges as more and more hotels are desperately trying to take their share in this growing market. However, the industry has a limited marketing budget, and if misspent, it could fail to deliver fruitful results.

Now you must be thinking, what is the best option to market your hotel business?

The answer is simple through email marketing.

The good thing about email marketing is that for every 1 dollar spent you will get back 38 dollars. This means that email marketing is immensely beneficial when compared to other forms of marketing.

Why do hotels need emails for promotion?

Let us dive deep into the ways in which email marketing can be helpful for your hotel business.

1. Gain customer support

Email marketing provides you with a unique opportunity to have a personal connection with your customers. An effective email marketing campaign starts the minute a customer has booked your services and lasts very long after the stay.

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If effectively implemented, this will help to build a lasting relationship with your customers. Let's take a closer look at pre-arrival emails.

The time a guest books your hotel and arrives for a stay is of crucial importance. You must already be sending your guests a booking confirmation from your automatic email system upon them successfully completing this part of the journey. Several well-known hoteliers have confirmed that they have seen immense success in making use of this time frame.



When you send your guests a welcome email along with the booking details, mention that you are looking forward to receiving them. Letting your guests know that you are anticipating their arrival is an excellent start to emphasising your brand of hospitality with them.

Pre-arrival emails provide an excellent opportunity to increase your revenue through cross-selling or up-selling.

2. Widen the online reach of your brand

Email marketing is a sure fire way to widen the scope of your brand. If you are contemplating way to give your online business a spike, sending marketing emails is a great idea.

Through custom crafted emails, you are most likely to gain several subscribers that provide you with an opportunity to promote your social media networks and initiate active participation of guests as well.

It is also wise to include your social media links at the bottom of your marketing emails.

Additionally, you could also send an email requesting your customers to like or follow your social media pages.

3. Guest feedback

Customer feedback can do wonders when it comes to improving your reputation and refining your service.



Through a feedback form within the email, you will be able to discover the thoughts and experience of your customers staying at your hotel.

While checking out, customers are usually be in a hurry and do not have enough time to fill out the feedback form appropriately.



But they will always be happy to send feedback once they have safely reached back home or while they are spending some boring time in the waiting lounge.

Through an email request for feedback, you will be able to thank your customers which in turn helps a lot in reinforcing the guest-hotelier rapport you established with your pre-arrival mail.

Additionally, if the guests had a pleasant experience, you could share those on your social media channels to improve your reach and request others to share their experiences as well.

11 email marketing strategies for hotels

The following are some of the most important tips and strategies to use when planning an email marketing campaign for your hotel brand.

1. Start a new list

Before starting with your mobile advertising plan, you need to make sure that you have prepared a whole list for email marketing.

Building a quality list helps to ensure high click rates and better conversion rates.

Let’s see how that can be achieved.

1.1.Evaluate your email list

As a first step to improving your email marketing strategy, it is necessary to evaluate your existing email list.

By evaluating your list, you will have a solid idea about its quality. If you have been actively tracking the metrics of your email open rates, you will have a picture of which users actively opening your emails and which users are not.

You need a deal to re-engage subscribers who are not actively engaging with you.

Start a re-engagement campaign.

You can make the campaign exciting by including a gift coupon or offering significant discounts. When it comes to a re-engagement campaign, the following are the two key advantages:

  1. Re-engaging your previous customers will lead to more conversions which in turn will have a positive effect on the revenue.
  2. You can quickly drop off email IDs of people who don't want to engage with you and focus on the remaining users which drives results.

1.2 Grow your list

By focusing on growing your mailing list, you can ensure better probabilities in increasing your hotel business. When a guest checks in or out of your hotel, politely request him to include his mail id in the feedback form.

Another great option is to include a subscribers form in your website where the users could add their email id and essential details.

2. Emphasise building your brand

Merely pushing specially crafted marketing messages won't bring results as many of your competitor hotels are also doing the same.

For any hotel, business branding plays a crucial role. Here you have to focus on impressing the reader about your facilities.



This will help your hotel stand out from nearby competitor hotels which offer similar services.

3. Create responsive emails

Research has shown that most emails are opened on mobile devices.

The graph below shows the number of emails opened on smartphones and desktop devices.



Thus it is imperative to ensure that all the emails that you send to your customers are fully optimised for mobile devices.

Understanding what your customers are looking for is the key to success in email marketing. If the majority of your customers are younger adults, you need to make sure your emails are attractive and kept up to date. On the other hand, if you are dealing with older adults, make sure that the text and images are large and easy to read.

If you are unsure how to do so, you could check out the emails of your competitors. Another option would be to hire a professional email marketing service provider with the expertise to deal with multiple sectors including hotels and hospitality.

4. Write a great copy

Your ultimate goal in email marketing is to grab the attention of your viewers.



Smart emails with minimalist design and punchy copy are the most significant trend in email marketing these days. You need to ensure that your emails have a strong subject line that incites viewer attention to open the email.

5. Personalise your email

Studies have shown that by including personalisation, you could increase your conversion rates multifold.

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Customising your email will help you build a deeper connection with your customers. You could segment your emails based on the travel preferences of your customers.

For example, honeymoon couples like local destinations while business travellers could be keen to try out top restaurants near the hotel.

6. Don't forget to share images with your subscribers

A picture is definitely worth a thousand words. Research has shown that an average person tends to remember 80% of what he sees and 20% of what he reads.

While sending a marketing email, make sure to send stunning images of your landscape, rooms, and amenities to make it memorable. Let's suppose you operate your hotel on a mountain top. Include beautiful pictures of mountains, waterfalls, areas of trekking etc. to incite viewer interest.

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7. Include videos in your emails



For a perfect marketing email, don't limit it to mere pictures. You have a lot of interactive options to add like gifs, memes etc. to make it more exciting.

8. Broadcast special offers and announcements

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Make maximum use of email broadcasts to promote any special offers or announcements to your subscribers.

9. Send regular email digests

By regularly sending email newsletters of the recent events and latest happenings at your hotel, you can build stronger customer rapport.

10. Make booking possible directly through email

Customers are often tempted to book your services directly through your marketing emails. Make sure to include a booking option within your email so that you could gently guide your viewers to the booking page.

11. Match your email design with your brand

While designing your email, make sure that your brand's logo and style reflects the email design. Hiring a professional service will help you to create emails which genuinely reflect your brand.

Final Words

Although several means of advertising are available in the realm of digital marketing, when it comes to the hotel industry, email marketing is the epicentre, mainly due to its simplicity and effectiveness in gaining a positive response.

For the hospitality business, email marketing is essential for ensuring a more extensive reach for the company and earning new customers. With an effective marketing strategy, you can expect a maximum return on your investment, while targeting your subscribers with better offers and information.

Using the tips mentioned in this article, you are ready to design and craft an effective campaign for maximum success.