Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, you know the struggle of engaging with your existing customers while chasing new leads on the web. One of the ways of accomplishing this while achieving a great ROI is by using email marketing.

Luckily, with so many people having email addresses, communicating with your customers doesn't have to cost you the earth. And although email marketing isn't a walk in the park, it's not robot science either.

Following are 7 tips to guide you in the process.

1. Make sure your sign up button is visible

To use email marketing, you'll need sign-ups. The other option is buying an email list or partnering with a marketing firm. The latter is viable, but as a start-up, you might not have a budget to fund the marketing.

Instead, focus on encouraging your web visitors to sign up for your email list. You can place the sign-up button high on your website and include a link on your social media handles. You don't want your prospect struggling to find the option.

Availing the signing up icon isn't enough. You've got to offer an incentive. It can be a free give away, discount, or the potential to win something for signing up for the email list. This will give them a nudge to sign up for your emails.

2. Be on the right side of the law

If you want to leverage email marketing, it's crucial that you're aware of the existing compliance regulations. One rule you should be aware of is the CAN-SPAM Act.

One of the things that the law requires you to do is to honor unsubscription requests. You're not supposed to ask for any personal details or have any extra procedure to unsubscribe anyone.
Also, the request should be honored in 10 business days. Failing to honor these requests may lead to sanctions and fines.

To avoid such ugly incidences, it's crucial that you have ready resources to react to the unsubscription requests. If your email list is small, you can do this manually. But as the list grows, invest in an email tracking tool to automate the process.

3. Analyze your data

Keeping tabs on your marketing data is very critical to your business. If you're not aware of the data, then you won't know if your efforts have been paying off. With the results, you can determine what strategy works, and which doesn't work, and double on the one that's bringing in income.

You need to know who opened, clicked, forwarded, or opt-out your email list. This is the only way you'll be able to refine your email marketing process.

4. Integrate social media

Social media is one of the leading search engines in the marketing industry. By integrating it with email, your efforts can really pay off.

One way to approach this is by adding your social media pages links, every time you send an email. This will encourage your subscribers to follow you or like your page.

Take advantage of social sharing by adding a sharing icon in some of the emails you'd want them to share. They can share on Facebook, all pin a post on Pinterest. This can help you grow your email list.

5. Keep it short and clear

Your subscribers are busy. Even if they genuinely love your content, there is just so much they can do it in a day. If you're sending too long emails, you'll lose very many customers, and the few who remain will probably be scheming through your emails. Long emails have a very low opening rate.

This is why it's important to work on delivering your emails in the fewest words possible. Focus on the key points and make them stand out.

To make your email more readable, use bullet points, and subheadings.

6. Be consistent

When using email marketing, frequency is critical. It's like a "gentle reminder" of your company to the customers.

By doing so, the next time they need a product you offer, they will think about your company.
If you don't use email marketing or social media marketing to build brand awareness, your customers will give the opportunity to another competitor who is doing it.

7. Content is king

Even though you're trying to build consistency, you shouldn't send emails when you've got nothing to say. It's crucial that you remain relevant to your subscribers. They need to see value in every email you send them to stay interested.

Otherwise, you'll be wasting time, and the whole process might end up being detrimental to your marketing campaigns.

Take Away
Email marketing is among the cheapest and most effective methods of digital marketing. As a small business that's trying to stay on budget, this might be the best way of building traction to your brand.

However, you'll need to do it effectively to get the results. The above pointers will help you in making your email marketing efforts count.