Fashion Newsletters: Tips and Examples to Help You Get Started

We live in a digital era where anything can be seen and purchased online. Do you know that a customer who is receiving an email on the latest designer fashion wear is just a few clicks away from purchasing?

If your company is starting with email marketing, the best thing to do is to start sending newsletters.

Newsletters for the fashion industry incorporates a blend of promotions, latest news and content bundled up within a single email.

Fashion newsletters are usually sent once or twice per month. For any fashion company, regardless of whether they are big or small, sending emails will help them to develop a personal connection with the customers.

According to the survey, over 50% of consumers said that they prefer brands who contact them through email rather than through other forms of digital media.

Best practices to create an engaging fashion newsletter

If you are planning to send a newsletter for your clothing or accessory brand, you need to make sure to incorporate the best practices prevalent in the industry.

The one unique thing about sending newsletters for the fashion industry is that you need to continually sharpen your marketing tactics to suit your audience.

Here are some of the best practices to boost your engagement.

1. Optimise your newsletter for mobile

Smart phones are currently the most frequently used for consuming content all over the world. Research has shown that more than half of the emails are viewed through mobile devices.

If your newsletter doesn't look appealing, chances are high that the reader will delete it. Designing a responsive email is therefore a must to ensure that the email looks perfect on any device.

Make sure that you include all the essential features to impress your reader. The first three seconds of opening the email play a vital factor in determining whether your email will be permanently deleted or viewed by the reader.

Do keep in mind that a reader who opens your email on a mobile device will not necessarily make a purchase immediately. They may sometimes flag the email and later open it through a desktop to make the purchase.

2. Subscriber list segmentation

Gone are the days where everyone gets the same email. As a marketer, you will experience a higher engagement if you cater messages to suit the specific characteristic of your audience (Learn more about customer segmentation here).

You could segment your email stream by taking into consideration specific factors such as:

  • Geographical features.
  • Recent purchases
  • Active times for opening and reading emails

It is a noted fact that the more your align your messages to suit the tastes, interests and activities of your subscribers, the better your readers are likely to respond.

Research from several companies such as campaign monitor has shown that segmented campaigns help to increase revenue as much as 760%.

3. Regularly clean your email list

For a marketer, it will be tempting to send fashion newsletter emails to as many people as you possibly can.

But have you realised that many of them never open your email?

It is essential to analyse your email list regularly and find out who has not engaged with your email for a long time. Once you have gathered the inventory of your non-engaging emails, it is better to scrub them off the list as soon as possible.

This will also help to keep your email campaign clean and give an accurate email open rate.

4. Personalise your campaign

Compared to other industries, the fashion industry requires a much higher level of personalisation. Studies have shown that personalising your messages works wonders when it comes to improving your conversation and engagement.

You could use the behavioural data to fill up your fashion newsletter with products which were viewed or recently purchased on your website.

5. Choose high quality images and vibrant graphics

You might have often noticed that companies will send emails with walls of text and images jumbled up. Not only is this harder to read, it also confuses the reader who has no idea what they should be focusing on in your message.

What if you send an email with minimal text and let the images do the talking?

While sending a fashion newsletter, make sure to include vibrant graphics and high quality images.

Keep your copy as minimal as possible and let the pictures do the talking. Make sure to create a separate landing page where the users will be redirected if they want to know more.

6. Highlight your subject line

Your newsletter is not the only one that will reach your customer’s inbox. There will be hundreds of emails to be opened and read by your target customer. The only way to grab your viewer's attention is by having a catchy subject line.

If you know the specific interest of your customer, you could align the subject line to suit that.

7. A/B test subject line and CTA

If you are not finding any improvement in your email open rate, there’s probably something in your process that needs improving or optimising. The reasons could vary. There could be issues with your content or perhaps your subline line just isn’t working out with your target audience.

By using A/B split testing, you can narrow down your current limitations and figure out what works best. For this split your recipient into two groups, i.e. group A and group B.

Group A members will receive the standard fashion newsletter while Group B members will receive the same newsletter with specific variations.

This test will help to determine how your audience reacts to the different versions.

8. Automate your campaigns

The main advantage of automation is that you will be able to send the right content at the desired time. Automation not only helps you save time but also ensures a high level of personalisation.

The most common cause for people to unsubscribe from a mailing list is boring or bland content.

By using useful automating software, you can send attractive and personalised emails on certain triggered events such as anniversaries, birthdays etc.

9. Remove any roadblocks from your conversations

As a marketer, it is crucial to remove any roadblocks that limit your communication with your readers. If your ultimate goal of sending newsletters is to boost conversions, you could follow some of the methods listed below.

  • Use AMP landing pages with easy-to-click buttons.
  • Use buttons instead of adding too many links.
  • Allow your subscribers to complete the checkout process from right within the email.
  • Never force your subscribers to register and fill out a bunch of forms before they convert.
  • Minimise the number of clicks it takes to close a deal.

10. Help your subscribers to choose their preference

The main reason why many people unsubscribe from a mailing list is that they receive too many emails in their inbox. If you could allow the users to adjust the email preference, you can avoid a good percentage of unsubscribing actions.

Best Fashion newsletter examples for inspiration

Check out some inspiring email newsletter examples from the fashion world.

1. US Outdoor Store

The newsletters sent from this company are known for their vibrant images, stunning graphics and wildlife tips. US Outdoor Store offers its customers valuable information on local hiking, bonfire tips and recommendations.


2. Brooks Running

Let us look closely at the email from Brooks Running. The vibrant images within the newsletter will tell a story on their own. The mail itself is alluring, designed with a unique blend of vibrant colours and stunning graphics.

The newsletter has separate buttons in the bottom such as "shoe finder" or "bra finder" which directs the reader into a landing page where they can purchase their choice.


3. Net-a-porter

Net-a-porter uses a unique mix of bright and light colours to get a striking effect. In all its newsletters, this luxury fashion retailer uses consistent branding. The newsletter is well organised to display out the latest designer fashion.

You could see a series of arrows placed right within the copy and the text to hold the viewer's attention.



This is one perfectly designed and highly tempting fashion newsletter. If you look at the overall design, you will know that the copy is minimal, and pictures do most of the storytelling.


The designers have used a mix of blue and pink colours to make it appealing to the girls.

5. Chaco

The email from this company is made out of short and straightforward paragraphs with minimal descriptions.


The creators have used high-quality images to tell their message out loud. If you look at the email, you can see that the buttons are legible and upon clicking will direct the user to a custom-designed landing page.

6. Adidas

This fashion email newsletter from Adidas is a perfect example of how a mix of impressive copy and bright images can be used to announce the upcoming sale.


Adidas Makes their subscribers feel special by providing them exclusive access to sales, a day before it is open to the public. This marketing strategy helps to build loyalty among the subscribers, which catalyses the number of conversions.

7. American Apparel

This popular online retailer uses automated campaigns for triggered events. The company offers discount codes to its subscribers through email.

A follow-up email is sent every week, reminding the users to use the discount code mentioned in the email.

American Apparel

Another exciting feature of this email is that a countdown clock is included in the email which will display the expiry of the discount code.

Final words

Sending newsletters for your fashion brand can be doubly beneficial. First, it will help to capture the audience and allow you to showcase your products and latest offers.

Second, it will help you to build trust with your customers which means that next time your customers are out shopping, they will naturally be attracted to your brand.

Check out these free fashion newsletter templates if you’re looking for a quick start for your campaign!