50 Exciting Holiday Email Subject Lines To Cheer Up Your Client's Inbox

Let's suppose you spent countless hours with your design team to craft a beautiful email for your upcoming sales for the holiday season.

But have you considered that all your efforts could be completely wasted if the recipient does not open the email?

Studies have shown that over 35% of the recipients open an email based on subject line alone. If your subject line failed to make a good first impression, chances are your email is going straight to the bin.

It is estimated that in 2019, online sales for Black Friday touched $7.4 billion, while over 165 million customers shopped for goods between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday.

Ooverall retail spending for last year was $1.007 Trillion, making it the very first trillion-dollar Holiday Season.

Let’s face it. Your mail is not the only one reaching your customer’s inbox.

This is the main issue  faced by marketers planning for Holiday sales. People receive numerous emails from  businesses from various industries, especially during festive seasons. Approximately 80% of small and midsize businesses use emails as their primary means for engaging with their customers.

While there are many tricks and tips to make your customer prioritise opening your mail, the simplest one is to make sure you have a great Holiday email subject line to make yours stand out from the others.

1. Add some holiday cheer in the subject line

Everyone looks forward to celebrating holidays with their friends and family, especially at the end of a busy and hectic year. Needless to say, sales, attractive offers, product discounts, etc are the highlight of the holiday season.

If you are thinking of creating an effective subject line for your upcoming Holiday sales, crafting one which adds to the joy of the festive season will definitely help boost your sales.

Look at some holiday subject line examples below. Cheerful, aren’t they?

Add some holiday cheer in the subject line
lead squared

Source: lead squared

2. Create a sense of urgency

Marketers believe that FOMO or otherwise known as the Fear Of Missing Out is an extremely effective tool for tempting customers to make a purchase.

Gifts and shopping are an essential part of the holiday season and nobody wants to lose out on attractive discounts and promotions that their favourite brands have to offer during this period.

Check out some of the subject line examples below that excel at creating a sense of urgency.

Create a sense of urgency

3. Add emojis

Many people equate the holiday season to a time filled with fun. And what better way to inject some of that “fun element” than to include a cute emoji right on top within your subject line!

Seeing an emoji in the subject line of your mail makes recipients feel more connected with your organisation.

Add emojis

Source: The drum

Studies have shown that approximately 5% of global subject lines in 2017 included one or more emojis. It also confirmed that emojis can increase open rates by up to 25%.

Check out some of these very successful holiday email marketing campaigns that used emojis in their subject lines.

Email marketing tips

Source: Email marketing tips

4. Embed a holiday greeting right within the subject line

Marketers have found that by including greetings within the subject line acts as a trigger to incite the customers to open the email.

Especially if the customers are waiting for the holiday season, they will definitely be tempted to open something which has a connection with the festivities. Besides, people rarely avoid opening emails with greetings on a subject line.

After all, who doesn't like to open a greeting?

However, if you are sending marketing emails to a global audience, then simply greeting for Christmas won't be a good idea as your customers will be from various religious backgrounds and some won't even be religious at all.

In such a scenario, it is wise to include alternate messages such as "happy holiday" or "Holiday Greetings!" to do the right job. Check out these examples below.

Embed a holiday greeting right within the subject line

5. Continue sending emails even after Christmas

We all know and agree to the fact that Christmas fever remains for a few weeks even after celebrations are over.

Continue sending emails even after Christmas

Source: Pinterest

Consider putting together a post Christmas email marketing campaign for your customers. Here are a few subject lines you can use for sending post holiday emails:

6. Add Free Shipping, Bonuses and other Gifts in the subject line

With brands slashing their prices to all time lows during festive seasons, its no wonder that consumers have linked holidays to shopping. After all, there’s no better time to cash in on some atractive deals and free gifts.

Sellers on the other hand are looking to gain a profit during the holiday season ipulling in more customers and growing sales.

Add Free Shipping, Bonuses and other Gifts in the subject line

Source: Pinterest

From the perspective of a buyer getting gifts, free shipping and other bonuses are highly appealing and warmly welcomed. Check out some holiday discount offers to see how irresistible they sound!

7. You don’t have to mention Christmas all the time

This is a unique strategy that may sound strange at first glance. However, when too many competitors are vying for the same space during the holiday season, everyone ends up using similar subject lines, with the word “Christmas” getting reused over and over again.

People often get irritated if their inboxes get overcrowded with too many emails using the same words. The best alternative sometimes is to not mention anything about Christmas to differentiate yourself from the rest. Check out these examples.

Bottom Line

Companies love sending holiday emails mainly due to its effectiveness in boosting open rates and creating conversions.

When it comes to sending marketing emails for Holidays, there is no universal strategy or hard and fast rule. Remember the fact that your brand and customer base is unique so its better to choose something which suits your business and that your clients find relatable.

You can segment your customers and send emails with unique subject lines. Do keep in mind that your brand is not the only one competing for Holiday Sales.

In this article, we have mentioned many examples for your reference to choose the perfect subject line to fit your holiday email marketing campaign. The next step is crafting the perfect template to keep those attention spans high while driving conversions. To learn more, check out our article on “Top 20 Holiday Email templates to use in 2020’ . We have a ton of  free holiday email templates to choose from in our gallery to help get you started!