How Do I Create a Newsletter in Word?

Most companies have one or more email newsletters for their employees and customers. This article will guide you on how to create a newsletter template that you can use multiple times. Microsoft has added new features over the years. And since Microsoft word, 2013, there is a ready-made newsletter template that you can use. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't put any effort to customize your newsletter.

All newsletters share the same components. These include information boxes, newsletter layout, image placeholders and a banner.

The layout of a newsletter

Begin by creating a new blank document in Microsoft Word. Next click on the 'page layout', menu tab and then click on the columns drop-down selection icon. Decide on the number of columns you'll need for your newsletter column, or click left. This solely depends on your style preference, so there is no right or wrong way of going about it.


Still, don' t see any obvious changes? That's fine. Click on the 'view' menu button and mark on the Ruler checkbox. A ruler will appear at the top, on the left side of your document, showing where the selected columns are.


Now click the 'design' icon to select the best theme for your newsletter. There are multiple themes you can choose from. Here is an example.


Since it's difficult to view how your newsletter template will look like in a blank page, add some text. Insert the "Loren Ipsum" text in the two columns. In your word document, type the following text =lorem(2,12)

Once you hit the enter button, you can see some auto generated text in your columns. You can then tweak the size of the fonts to meet the needs of your company if you've got guidelines on the standard font size. This can be done by highlighting your text and right-clicking it to the size you want it to be.

Banners and text boxes

Click on the 'insert' tab and click on the 'shapes' drop-down selected arrow. Select a rectangle shape and insert it above the columns.

Right-click on the banner and click 'insert text' and write the name of your newsletter. Next, click on the 'home' tab and choose the title font style.


Click on the top left column right before your first character. Insert a text box here. From the 'insert' table list, select on the 'text box' button. You'll see a placeholder on your template that will allow you to input a title, quote or a story heading.


Add an image placeholder

Now it's time to add a placeholder for a picture.

Click the 'insert' tab and select 'picture'. Insert the picture on the position you'd want it to be on the newsletter, and select the layout options icon and choose bottom and top so that the text wraps around the image and not through it.


Save your newsletter as a template. You can keep adding more components to your newsletter template, but you get the idea. Select the file menu, and use the 'save as' button, and select the document type as a word template.


To use your template as a starting point, to create another newsletter template, click 'new' when you open word to create your first newsletter. Click 'personal' to see all your templates, and click the 'newsletter template' button.


And you're all set with your newsletter template.