How Much Does Gmail Cost for Small Businesses?

Gmail is the second most popular email client after the iPhone email client. Gmail has millions of users and takes up at least 20% of the marketplace.

There are multiple reasons that have led to this level of popularity. For starters, Gmail has inbox organizational features that are valuable to small businesses.

After a few months in business, small businesses are moving from free Gmail versions to G-suite. The latter has business products such as Gmail for business, at a cost-friendly price. The latter depends on your business needs and size.

Is paying for a Gmail account worth it for small businesses?

With the paid version, SMBs are able to use customized email addresses that match their corporate domain. Instead of, your subscribers will receive emails from

You can also create group email pen names such as, etc.

All these are inclusive in your business pricing when you sign up for G Suite.

Gmail for small businesses pricing

As mentioned earlier, there are different packages that an SMB can choose from. It all depends on the size and needs of your business.

Here are three Gmail packages you can choose from.

1. Gmail for the business cost (Basic Level)

The package is priced at $6/mo, and the whole team gets a professional work email. The team also gets a complete G-suite, which includes spreadsheets, Google docs, slides and drawings, just to mention a few.

Additionally, they get a 30 GB space in their Google Drive plus Gmail for accessing and sharing documents from any device as well as storage.

You can interact internally with your team by using integrated online documents with real-time editing, online calendars, and video conferences using Hangouts meet. 

2. Gmail for business pricing (Business Edition)

This costs $12/mo, and it comes with unlimited space if you have more than six team members. If they’re less than six, each one of them is given 1TB.

For this package, you can set alerts to know when your team members share a document, inside or outside your domain.

It also makes administration work easier by managing and retaining all on-records chats and team emails.

It’s also possible to set policies for the entire domain or organizational units, specific terms or date range.

Valuable data that a legal team may require can be retrieved.

3. Gmail for business enterprise

This is the most premium Gmail package, and it comes at $25/mo. The edition has advanced security options for Google Drive and Gmail.

For instance, Gmail data loss prevention (DLP), helps in scanning small businesses outbound and inbound email traffic, such as social security numbers and credit card. Anytime this kind of information is detected, the text can be sent to quarantine. It could either be modified or rejected.

The enterprise package also comes with an international-dial in number for Hangout Meets.
It’s worthwhile to note that your team can only use the same package. You can’t mix and much the different packages within the same domain.

No-Cost Gmail for business

Government agencies, schools and non-profit organizations (NGOs), can qualify for Google’s special editions. The latter provides organizational Gmail at zero cost.

Final Verdict

Most individuals are a little bit sceptical about personal emails. While you might just be an honest SMB, trying to connect, you might be confused for a scam. Investing in the Gmail paid version allows you to acquire a business Gmail email that people can trust. It also improves your communication channel within your business.