How to Embed/Insert HTML Email?

When HTML is embedded in an email, it becomes the body of the mail that gets displayed to the receiver. With your embedded code, you can create any customized stationery that you can use for any personal or business activities you desire.

For example, if you’re a business owner, you can create a file with your firm’s letterhead information.

Use the text editor application in your computer to craft the HTML code and embed it in your email address.

Here is how to do it.

Step 1
Launch your text editor application and build a new HTML page by entering the opening code in the window.

Then type the name of your file between the tags, which can be the term(s) of your liking that identifies the document.

Step 2
Enter a tag after the closing element. Anything typed after the tag is visible in your HTML email.

Step 3
Create a single row, single column table to hold your email message.

Step 4
Enter your message between the tags. For instance, This is the text of my message.

Step 5
Place the message between tags to bold the font, use elements to italicize content or to underline text. To illustrate: This is italicized content.

Step 6
Make hyperlinks to direct the user to a website or any destination on the web where they can browse for more information.
Enter an opening “anchor” tag with the address you want the receivers to click, followed by an element after it.

Step 7
Save your file and open an email message. Click “insert” on your program to locate your data and embed it on the body of the content. If using Mac OS X Mail, open the safari browser, select “open file” under the “File” menu, and then press the “command” and “I” simultaneously on your keyboard to load the HTML in your message.

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