Online Surveys: The Need

Online surveys are one of the effective ways to engage with your audience, especially when they can be embedded in HTML emails using templates. Here are a few advantages of using online surveys.

1. Faster

The time required to complete an online survey project is two thirds less the time taken to complete a traditional survey. The survey responses are being gathered automatically, so you don't have to wait to get results – the feedback is almost instant. Online marketing gurus say within two days, half of the online survey forms are already submitted.

2. Pocket-Friendly

This is especially effective for a small firm that's trying to research while saving up costs. For starters, there isn't any postage fee inquired, and you won't need the money and human resources to store data. Feedback is processed automatically, and the results can be accessed all the time.

3. More Accurate

The margin of error significantly reduces with online surveys because the participants enter their details directly to the system. The traditional setup depends on the attentiveness of the staff entering the data, and human beings are prone to error, especially when doing repetitive tasks.

4. Quick Analysis

 The data of the online surveys are always ready to be analyzed. View results in real-time so you can act fast, compose graphs for reporting, and share with the required personnel.

5. Convenient for Participants

Many people who have access to an internet connection, prefer answering questionnaires online compared to telephone questionnaires. They don't have to complete the survey in one sitting; they can always close the tab and carry on from where they left at their convenience. Also, they can easily skip questions that aren't relevant to them.

6. Easy for Researchers

Time is very critical when it comes to research work. Online surveys boost the productivity of the researchers by saving on time. Since data is readily available, it can be easily transferred into spreadsheets or specialized statistical software when there is a need for a more detailed analysis.

7. Easy to Style

Unlike a traditional survey, an online survey allows you to create a mark of your brand in the participants' mind. This is by styling the survey to match your company's website with a personalized logo, images, backgrounds, fonts, and even the URL of your survey. Make sure that your online survey provider supports mobile responsive surveys, to make sure you reach people using all devices.

8. More Honest

Researchers have found that many participants prefer online surveys to written and telephone surveys. And are even likely to give a more detailed and honest answer. All you need is to come up with targeted and relevant questions.

9. You Can Be Selective

With traditional surveys, pre-screening participants would somewhat appear as rude and a waste of time. But it's easy to pre-screen participants and only let your target profile fill in an online survey.
This ensures that your questions are relevant to your audience.

10. More Flexible

The order of questions in a survey is flexible, and some questions can be skipped based on the previous answers. This way, a survey can be customized for the participant as they proceed.

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