Scrub Email List: Warning Signs And How You Can Benefit From Email Scrubbing

If you have an extensively long email list, it’s a good idea to scrub your list once in a while. This will keep your email list high quality, and remove those subscribers who never open your emails.

Maintaining an email list is expensive, since you’re paying your email service provider for every single subscriber on that list. If there are too many subscribers on your list who do not open your emails or who mark your emails as spam, then this will hurt your sender reputation.

Scrub you email list periodically.

There’s no point in wasting your time, energy, and your money on subscribers who are no longer interested in your business and who will never interact with all the valuable information you send out to them.

There needs to be a way to ensure that you are only sending out emails to people who want to hear from you. That is why it is essential that you scrub email list regularly.

What Does It Mean To Scrub Email List?

Scrubbing your email list means to take out or delete all the email addresses on your list who never open, read, or interact with your emails.

Now, it may be hard to accept the fact that you need to delete all those hard earned email addresses from your list. After all, your email list should be huge in order for you to make good business, right?


A high quality email list has way more value than a large email list that’s full of disinterested and unengaged people.

Scrubbing your email list will improve the efficiency of your email list even though it makes your list smaller.

Scrubbing your email list will improve the efficiency of your email list.

When you scrub your email list, you delete unengaged subscribers and ensure that your marketing emails only go out to those who want to hear from you and want to interact with your email marketing campaigns.

It is recommended that you carry out email scrubbing a couple of times every year to maintain your email list hygiene.

2 Major Warning Signs That You Need Email List Scrubbing

So, how do you figure out when you need to scrub email list and how often? There are a few warning signs that you need to pay heed to so that you can effectively plan out scrubbing email list.

A) Pay Attention To Your Email Marketing Metrics

The very first warning sign that you can get is your email marketing metrics. Keep a tab on these metrics to know how your email list is performing.

Pay attention to your email marketing metrics.

Important metrics you need to analyze are:

Email Open Rates:
Your email open rate is basically how many of your email subscribers actually opened your email to read. This is a very important metric as it shows you how much percentage of your email list is still interested in reading emails from your business. A good email open rate would usually be in the range of 20-40%.

Click Through Rates:
Your click through rate is a measure of the percentage of subscribers who after opening your email, have clicked one or more of the links in the email. This shows whether your subscribers are just casually glancing through your emails or are really interested in your emails and in the products and services you are selling. They may also be interested in learning more about your business.

Bounce Rates:
Your email bounce rates shows you the number of recipients who did not receive your email in their inbox because their email servers returned it for various reasons. There are two types of bounce ates, hard bounce and soft bounce.

Keep a tab on these email marketing metrics and if you see any of these declining, it’s time to scrub your email list.

B) Check Your Unsubscribe Rates And Spam Complaints

After you’ve gone through your main email metrics, it’s time to check your individual email marketing campaigns for unsubscribes and spam complaints.

Pay attention to your email marketing metrics.

Scrub your list as soon as possible if you see your unsubscribe rate and spam complaints increasing. This means your emails are no longer appropriate to some people on your list and they want to stop receiving them.

Instead of email servers regarding you as spam due to a high number of unsubscribes and spam complaints from your list, you can take a precautionary step and remove all those emails who have not interacted with your emails in a period of six months to one year.

This basically means that those people may want to opt out of your list in the near future, so do everyone a favour and take them out yourself.

The Benefits Of Scrubbing Your Email List Regularly

There are many more benefits to email scrubbing that make it such an important task for your business.

Here are some reasons why you should scrub your email list on a regular basis:

1. The Number Of Spam Complaints Decreases

No matter how valuable your email content is, there will always be someone who subscribed to your list initially thinking that they would be interested in your business. As the days went by, they realised that they don’t really want to read your emails anymore - and that’s perfectly fine.

Now keeping them on your list even when you see that they are not opening your emails or engaging with them can be a mistake. Instead, scrub your email list off of these unengaged users, and you will have fewer spam complaints.

Email Service Providers are designed to receive spam complaints and decide to send all future emails from the sender into the spam folder. They might also blacklist your email address, which will hurt your sender reputation.

2. Your Open Rates And Click Through Rates Increase

The minute you scrub off all the unengaged email addresses from your subscriber list, your open rates and click through rates will skyrocket!

Improve your email campaign open rates and click-through rates after scrubbing your email list.

This is because your unengaged subscribers are hurting these metrics, and if you take them off your list your stats will instantly improve.

3. Your Email Marketing Costs Will Decrease

You are paying for each subscriber to stay on your list. Removing the ones that don’t contribute directly or indirectly to your business will automatically make room for more high quality subscribers and reduce your email marketing expenses.

Email marketing services charge by the number of subscribers you have on your email list or the number of emails you send out to your list every month. You return on investment (ROI) will improve if you take out the unnecessary emails.

4. Your Bounce Rates Will Decrease

Sometimes, your emails don’t even reach the intended recipient. This is because their email server bounces back those emails for some reason.

A high bounce rate will affect your sender reputation, so you must be careful. Take out all the bounced emails to reduce your bounce rates and improve your email deliverability.

So now that you know how crucial it is for you to scrub email list regularly, go ahead and take action so that your email metrics and email deliverability improve.