What does an email blast mean?

Email blast is a popular marketing method that has been going on for years. Does it still work? Are there any tips that you can use to get results from bulk emails?

Let's dive right into it.

What is an email blast?

This is an email message that's shared with the whole email list, a big chunk of the email list or multiple email lists at the same time.

The emails target a vast part of your list, giving you a wider reach.

Email blasts are also referred to as.

  1. Email campaigns
  2. Bulk emails
  3. Broadcast emails
  4. E-blasts
  5. Mass emails

Many advertisers prefer email campaigns as it removes the aggressive tone characteristic email blast brings out.

Email blasts are commonly used to promote newsletters and any promotions that a brand may want to showcase to its audience.

Are email blasts obsolete?

Even though mass emails are great for delivering a message to a huge number of people, they're considered as an outdated form of communication.

This is because e-blasts are bulk emails shared with a broad audience, regardless of their needs, choices, and priorities.

If not well crafted, the emails can be irrelevant and useless to the recipients. As a result, the email receiver may ignore the message, unsubscribe from your list or mark your text as spam.

Here are common reasons why email receivers don't like mass emails.

  1. Segmentation. In most cases, email subscribers are different, and they have different tastes and preferences when it comes to goods and services. Therefore, failing to segment emails is a huge drawback.
  2. They're not targeted. The email blasts don't consider the past interactions of the subscribers on the web. This means some messages may not be in line with what they're looking to accomplish, which may trigger them to unsubscribe.
  3. They're not personalized. Marketing is all about creating that emotional connection. Bulk emails that aren't customized fail to achieve this, and in turn, they don't give any results.
  4. They're unexpected. Unlike the action-based emails, email blasts are unexpected. And they can create a natural feeling of resistance to the reader.

Does this mean that email campaigns are dead?


Even with the new methods of marketing, such as social media marketing or pay-per-click advertising, email remains a great form of communication.

You just need to learn and implement new methods and incorporate them into your campaign for good results.

How to do an email blast to get results?

Advertisers from small and big corporations are still using email blasts to promote their services, products, and discounts.

And they're getting impressive returns from it because they're doing it right.

Here are simple steps you can follow to run a successful email blast.

1. Choose a great email service provider

An email blast service helps you create emails, segment your email list, and send emails. Make sure you choose a provider with options that fit your needs.
For example:

  1. Does the provider match your budget?
  2. Can the platform allow multiple users?customer care effective
  3. Is the customer care effective?

2. Create an Email List

This is a compiled list of email addresses that you send emails to. It's a contact book containing your existing customers and potential buyers.

3. Segment your email list

This is the most sensitive part of the email blast process. This involves breaking the email list into smaller groups to send targeted emails.

You can divide your email list based on the gender, age, occupation, interests, or any other personal aspect of your recipient.

4. Create a targeted email campaign

The options will depend on the email service provider you choose. And what they have on their portfolio. But most of them allow you to add the name of the recipient.

5. Measure your results

After you launch your campaign, your work has just begun. It's time to track the results and see what's working and what's not.

The biggest challenge in running an email blast is that most of your emails are delivered to spam directly when some aren't delivered at all.

Here are some tips to improve deliverability when sending email blasts

  1. Improve your headlines
  2. Maintain the frequency of your emails
  3. Update your email list regularly and remove fake emails
  4. Make sure your email content is interesting and relevant to the recipient.

Wrapping Up
Email campaigns are still a big part of marketing. Bulk emails allow you to reach a huge audience at a single touch of a button. Yet, approaching email blasts from the wrong angle may make it seem like it doesn't work. The discussed tips will help improve your email deliverability and conversion rate.

Learn more about email lists and their management at: https://www.enginemailer.com/email-management