Where Can I Get Free Stock Photos for insertion in HTML Email Templates

A study has proven that the human brain processes images 60,000 times faster than text. Therefore, it’s crucial that you accompany your content with attractive images to fully grab the attention of your audience.

But what if you can’t produce any visual work? You get it from free stock sites.

Shutterstock.com and iStock.com are the most popular image sites, but you’ve got to incur the cost to use their images. Also, some of their photos may be too “stocky. Readers want something attractive yet realistic.

Creating HTML emails templates that are visually attractive is the best way to capture and engage your audience. And images play an important role here!

Fortunately, we compiled a list of 10 other free image sites that you can source your images for insertion in HTML emails.

1.  Unsplash

They have 300, 000 beautiful, quality images from at least 50000 contributors. Although the site doesn’t offer the high volume, paid sites may have. They have high-resolution photos that are top-up every day. There is a high chance you’ll find an image to work with from their website.

2.  Gratisography

They have something else going on in their site. And they are a self-acclaimed “world’s quirkiest collection of high-resolution free stock images.” And although their quality can’t compare with unsplash.com, that’s not our focus. They offer quality images that are less “stocky,” that you’re not likely to find anywhere else. Only “unique” submissions are accepted on the site.

3.  Morguefile

The free stock images site is somewhat different. The photos are not high-resolution or professional like unsplash or gratisography. But you’ll find random pictures from daily activities. It’s like your Aunt Sally was allowed to share her Google stream with you. If you’re looking for images for your header, this might not be the place to look. But if you want a random photo of a toddler publishing teeth, you’ll find something interesting.

4.  Pixabay

The website has a huge database of free stock images. It’s more inclined to marketing and business than unsplash. It’s more suitable for marketers and bloggers. Another advantage of the site is that they offer free illustrations and vectors.

5.  Stockvault

The site has free stock photos, wallpapers, and even textures. Although their collection is about half of unsplash, it’s well-curated and has multiple submissions daily. They have a good search engine and are organized by category.

6.  Pexels

A free stock images site article can’t be complete without mentioning Pexels. It’s one of the go-to sites for many bloggers. It’s well organized and even offers free stock videos!

7.  PicJumbo

The site was founded by a 24-year photographer who was tired of other sites, not “seeing” his photography. He finally decided the rejection was enough and began his site. And now it’s a successful free stock community with thousands of great photos.

8.  Pikwizard

Besides the free stock images, the website also offers a design wizard that allows you to edit the images before downloading them. While basic editing is free, they’ve got a paid image editing tool.

9.  Rawpixel

The site claims to have the most diversified collection in the industry. This might be true because they also have PSD mockups, vectors, and public domain contain such as Japanese wood panel prints. Their paid version is geared towards supporting Hope for Children.

10. Reshot

It’s a simple stock photo collection that encourages emerging photographers to share their images with whoever needs to see their creativity. Their collections are stunning, extensive, and completely free.

What about usage rights on free stock photos?

Most of all, these stock sites have a Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license. So you can use and distribute photos even for commercial purposes, without the consent of the author. But most of the sites include the name of the photographer, in case you want to link back to them to support their work.