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Let’s start by putting together your customer list​

Before we embark together on your campaign, we need to get your audience sorted out. Compiling a nice, clean list of users you’d like your message to reach is the first step to a great newsletter that will get people to notice you.

We help you store your customers’ information using custom fields, so you can easily retrieve it later for targeting and personalisation. Let’s start by adding your first custom field.​

Now let’s split your customers into categories based on their interests and preferences so we can target them later when we need to.​

Time to add in your customers to your list! This can be done either by:

Don’t worry if you don’t have a list of subscribers to import. Our sign-up forms will help you get started with growing your audience base.​

UFO Campaigns


Now that your list is ready, let’s create your first newsletter​

You’re already well on your way to reaching your customers. All we need to do now is figure out what your message will look like.

Pick from a selection of fantastic templates that are highly customisable to help you design your newsletter so it looks just right. ​​

Now let’s make sure you send it out to the right people.​​

We are go for launch!

We are go for launch!

Click the Send button and spread the word!

UFO Understanding Report

Getting the most out of your reports

Learning how to understand the numbers will give you plenty of valuable data about your subscribers and email campaigns. This will help you refine your next newsletter so you achieve better results.

UFO Up Your Game

Level-Up Your Game​

We understand how important it is for you to be able to send things your way. These tools will come in handy for when you need some help with putting the right touch to your campaigns.​

Autoresponders can make your subscribers feel more welcome by sending them periodic emails depending on their behavior. ​​​

Custom Surveys are a great way to find out your audience’s tastes and preferences.​​​

Find out how you can adapt to your subscribers’ behaviour to improve future campaign results.​​​

You can use APIs for many things including integrating your platform with ours, sending out notification emails and more.

Useful tips

Now that you know your basics, you’re almost ready to get started on your own. Before that, here are a few things we’d like you to know to help make your experience smoother.​​

You can upgrade or downgrade your plan with us anytime. No matter which plan you end up switching to in future, you’ll always be able to retrieve your data. Yes, that includes our Free Forever plan!​​​​

Our knowledge base will guide you through anything else you need to know about our service. If you would like to chat with someone instead, you can click on our online chat located on the bottom right of any page or Whatsapp us at +6017-7432337

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