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Ideal for beginners, individuals & start-ups

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10,000 emails/month

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Ideal for small, medium & large businesses

Overage: $0.00085/per email Overage: $0.00075/per email Overage: $0.00070/per email Overage: $0.00065/per email Overage: $0.00055/per email Overage: $0.00045/per email Overage: $0.00035/per email

Ideal for high volume senders

Sending out more than 2,500,000 emails monthly?


*Instant access to all our features:


  • Import Subscribers
  • Category Segmentation
  • Custom Fields
  • Personalisation
  • Landing Page Builder
  • Online Form Builder
  • Automated Email Cleansing


  • Drag & Drop Email Builder
  • Ready-made Email Templates
  • Mobile Friendly Newsletters
  • Royalty Free Stock Photos
  • Online Survey Builder
  • Autoresponders
  • Integrated APIs

Insights & Optimisation

  • Integrated Analytics
  • Delivery Failure Reports
  • Google Analytics
  • Real-time Data (Webhooks)
  • Location Tracking
  • Device Engagements
  • A/B Testing

Enginemailer for Non-profit

Looking to raise awareness, enhance engagement, or raise funds?

Our email marketing platform is readily available to serve your needs. As your partner in your mission, we are committed in helping you to amplify your cause to your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Free Forever Plan offers Unlimited Subscribers and the ability to send up to 10,000 emails per month, with a daily email limit of 500 emails. You will get access to all of Enginemailer’s features and there are absolutely no charges for this plan.

Yes, Enginemailer offers you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade your existing plan at any given time. You can simply upgrade your plan when there is a need to send more, and also downgrade (even to our Free Forever Plan) when you don’t need to send as many emails.

Payments can be made using all major credit cards. We work with leading payment gateways to ensure that all transactions are secured and provide you with a smooth and hassle-free experience. For high-volume sender that qualify for our Enterprise plan, we do offer monthly billing based on consumption.

Yes, you can still continue to send emails even if you have exceeded your paid plan quota. You will be charged for any additional emails sent based on a fixed overage price for your plan. Overage charges will be billed at the end of your billing cycle.​

Absolutely! We are happy to speak to you to understand more about your high-volume sending requirements. Schedule a call with us to get started.

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