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  • Emails/month 12,000
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    Overage (per email) 0.00085
  • Emails/month 25,000
    Price (USD) 29
    Overage (per email) 0.00075
  • Emails/month 75,000
    Price (USD) 49
    Overage (per email) 0.00070
  • Emails/month 200,000
    Price (USD) 139
    Overage (per email) 0.00065
  • Emails/month 500,000
    Price (USD) 299
    Overage (per email) 0.00055
  • Emails/month 1,000,000
    Price (USD) 499
    Overage (per email) 0.00045
  • Emails/month 2,500,000
    Price (USD) 999
    Overage (per email) 0.00035

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