Email A/B Testing​

Optimise campaign performance based on actual feedback.

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Email A/B Testing

Deliver what your target audience​​​ prefers ​​​

Find Out What Works With A/B Testing

Experiment for Better Conversions

Perform split testing to sample audiences and determine which performs better.

Sender Name split A/B testing

Consumers are likely to engage with a legitimate and appropriate sender. Discover which sender name works best for you.

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Automate the Rest

Subject Line Split A/B testing

Make an impression with your Subject Line and preview text to increase email open rates. Experiment with catchy headlines, personalisation and emojis to drive better results.

Content Split A/B Testing

Test your newsletters against various designs, layouts, headlines, images, CTAs, etc, and find out what your readers prefer.

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quote A/B testing allowed me to send content that our customers wanted to consume instead of what we felt they needed. Win-Win! quote

Give your customers nothing but the best.

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