B2B Email Marketing: A Complete Guide

The beauty of email marketing is that it is one of the best channels for B2B marketers to communicate with your audience effectively.

Email marketing for B2B organisations (like hotel brands, retail services, F&B industries, network, and web services related works, etc) ensures that you get high returns of your investment when compared to other marketing channels.

The graph below shows the approximate number of emails send daily from 2017 to 2023


Source: Statista

In 2020,306.4 billion, emails are sent per day. The number is expected to shoot to 347.3 billion in 2023.

Excited to know more? Let is start by understanding more about B2B marketing and how emails apply to the concept.

What is B2B marketing?

Business to business marketing is a form of marketing which involves the marketing of services or products to other organisations and businesses.

This is vital for any company that wants to offer its products or services to other organisations.

Framing a successful B2B marketing campaign is crucial for attracting prospects to your organisation, ensuring a higher engagement, and boosting sales and revenue.

How is B2B marketing different from B2C marketing?

From a marketing perspective, B2C and B2B might not feel that different, but each requires its unique tactics to gain the attention of their target audience successfully.


Source: cazoomi

1. Relationship

In the B2B world, nurturing the relationship with your clients is critical for a long term success.

Marketers must bring up strategies to build close relationships which might span up to 10 or 15 years. Here the emphasis is given to selling the brand rather than selling the product.

On the other hand, in a B2C environment, more focus is given to selling the product than the brand. The marketing strategies are streamlined to ensure a spontaneous one-time selling.

2.Target audience

B2B companies interact with a smaller audience. They often specialise in one sector and cater to a highly educated audience in that field.

On the other hand, B2C businesses focus on a larger audience on a much broader scale. Their target audience can range from college going students to retired seniors

3.Channel for communication

Since the B2B brands are focussed on building a long term relationship, their main communication channels will be through direct phone calls and email marketing.

B2C brands use a variety of communication methods such as advertising on television to social media marketing since they must reach out to a wider audience.

4.The Buying Cycle

While the buying cycle for B2C is comparatively short, B2B businesses have a much longer buying cycle since they must often need the involvement of several personals from accountant to sales head.

B2B customers also take a long time to research more on the product and the brand before finally deciding to buy.

5. Marketing content

Marketing for B2B is usually done with detailed and informative content.

B2B consumers are concerned about how a particular product/service can be implemented in their business to improve their business and productivity.

They are usually looking for much more detailed and informative content than B2C customers.

B2C consumers are looking for more engaging and interactive content. It should be playful and intriguing to grab user attention.

What is B2B email marketing?

Email marketing for B2B companies is a highly effective digital marketing strategy of sending emails to prospects and clients.


Source: superoffice

Effective marketing through emails helps to nurture a lasting relationship with your clients.

Importance of emails for B2B companies

You must be wondering if email marketing for B2B companies works better?

The answer is straightforward. Yes, it works better and more effectively than other forms of marketing. Emails have become an integral part of business in everyday life.

Almost everyone can read an email with a stable internet connection which is not the case for TV or magazine advertisements. B2B email marketing is the perfect gateway to the highest ROI.

Following are some of the key benefits that email marketing offers for B2B companies, in comparison to other forms of marketing:

1. Helps to save cost

The good thing about email marketing is that it is cheaper when compared to other channels like television advertising or even paper pamphlets. It costs nothing to send an email, and if you could effectively tap into this form of technology, it offers excellent prospects to attract clients for your B2B business.

2. Attracts new customers

If you are asked a question on what is the most effective way to reach out to as many people as possible, the first thing that comes to your mind is social media.

We are sorry to disappoint you on that but it only comes after email as per the stats.

The greatest longing of every marketer is to reach out to the maximum number of people to drive more sales. And it can be more challenging in a B2B environment.

By marketing through emails, it is possible to reach many people, and that too in a personalised way which social media is not capable of.

3. Easy to send

Let us accept the truth. How hard is it to send an email?

B2B email marketing campaigns can be launched with utter ease by employing minimal technology.

You do not need a large workforce to design and send out an email. With the right technology and a handful of experts, emails can be sent effectively to gain lasting results.

4. Easy to measure

By choosing a useful email marketing software, you could easily track metrics such as click-through rate, open rate, tracking metric etc.

Marketers can gain clear insights by studying the metrics and to check whether their marketing strategy is working or not.

Some B2B email marketing statistics

B2B buying cycles are getting increasingly complex every year. Over 58% have reported that their buying process is longer when compared to the previous year. Check out what the stats are telling us about B2B email marketing:

  • Most B2B customers are already 57% up through the sales funnel before they even contact a representative.
  • Even in manufacturing industries, more than 67% of purchases are influenced by digital media.
  • More than 90% of marketers have reported that email engagement is the key for them to measure the performance of content.
  • More than 85% of marketers use email marketing software to aid them with content marketing. This is the second most common technology used by B2B organisations.
  • 87% of B2B marketers have reported that email marketing is one of the most effective and organic distribution channels.
  • By 2023, there will be over 4.3 billion email users around the globe.
  • 16% of marketing emails never reach the inbox.
  • 51% of B2B marketers focus on creating visual content as a part of their marketing strategy.
  • An average 760% increase in revenue can be obtained by customised and segmented email campaigns.

How to write a B2B email?

Following are some quick tips to create an effective B2B email:

1. Understand your audience

The first key step to send a successful B2B marketing email is to know your readers.

You could send an email to your target clients by mentioning their pain points and how you understand them.

The next key step is to explain to them how your company could help them solve their challenges. The email should end with a CTA(call to action ), prompting them to click on the button and choose your services.

2. Add personalisation wherever possible

Your clients understand that they are not the only one to receive a marketing email from you.

You should include personalisation wherever possible so that they might feel a one to one connection with your company.


Source: medium

Several marketers across the globe have opinionated that personalisation is the golden key to success when it comes to B2B marketing.

3. Make it sound urgent

Creating a sense of urgency is a wonderful way to move your readers to action. While crafting your email, you should let your readers know that you understand their situation, and they must act at once.

If you do not create a feeling of urgency, your audience might never proceed towards the call to action.

4. Make it simple and readable

While creating an email, you should keep it short, simple, and easy to understand.

Shorten your paragraphs and remember to include lots of white spaces in between to avoid visual clutter.

Your B2B marketing emails should not be more than 250 words, as your audiences must be getting hundreds of emails daily.

5. Include a call to action

Most marketers have opinionated that it is best to create a CTA button that is clear and easy to recognise.


Source: addthis

Put one CTA button after your initial pitch and one at the bottom.

B2B email marketing best practices and strategies

Various popular B2B brands have reported a 30% increase in their conversion rate and a 135% increase in their click-through rate by using email marketing techniques and strategies.

Some of the most important steps and best practices followed by marketers in this niche include:

  1. Keeping the data clean and well organised using tools like email scrubbing, etc.
  2. Avoiding usage of forms
  3. Lead verification
  4. Improving on their landing pages
  5. Email list segmentation
  6. Message personalisation
  7. Creating impactful subject lines
  8. Including call to action
  9. Making emails mobile friendly
  10. Including social media
  11. Making use of images and visuals

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B2B email marketing examples and case studies

Many global businesses are now using the power of email marketing due to the multitude of benefits that it offers. There are various exemplary case studies that can be followed to reap the benefits out of email marketing. Some of these include:

  • Welcome emails by “DownHall Hotels and Spa”
  • Transactional emails to drive sales by “Jack Wills”
  • Service emails from Asana
  • End of the year emails from Meltwater
  • Product upgrade email by “Simple”
  • Video emails by “Backlinko”
  • “Click and Go” emails that add an element of curiosity

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Multiple B2B organisations are doing it successfully. You can too!


As a marketing professional, your first goal is to promote your company’s brand image and maintain long term relationships with your clients through effective communication.

And there is no better way to do so than by setting up a B2B email marketing campaign.

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