Can I Buy an Email List?

It's possible to buy an email list. Yet, though it seems like a money-saving strategy, the results may say otherwise.

Buying an email list is especially tempting to start-ups who want to make quick profits, and get to the top.

When your intention of purchasing an email list for your business may be pure, here are reasons why you may want to step back.

1. The email list will most likely be poor quality

People who sell email lists aren't necessarily honest. No matter the claims they may have regarding the list. You're likely to encounter errors such as:

  1. Missing details such as wrong names for people in the list
  2. Outdated information such as emails that aren't working anymore
  3. Illegally obtained email addresses from people who don't want to be contacted

While getting a list of 10000 people in one night may be exciting. It won't do much for you if it's full of junk data.

Besides, you may end up being slapped with a penalty of $16000 for every email you send from the list for breaking CAN-SPAM laws.

2. You come across as annoying

How do you feel if you get an email from a company you've never heard of? It's possibly not the kind of firm you want to work or buy from.

If someone hasn't subscribed to your list yet, it doesn't mean they don't want to hear from you forever. You just need to show them what they'll be getting from your email list by providing them with valuable content.

If you force your company emails to anyone too early, then you risk losing their trust even when they were convinced you're a great fit.

Sometimes clients just need a little more time to act.

3. You lose your email deliverability and IP score

There are things called spam traps to identify spammy activities. They're set up to determine when an email gets a hard bounce because the recipient's email is too old or invalid but still receives huge traffic.

The email receives the message but sends a spam alert. If you buy an email list, you have no way to confirm the emails are valid because you don't know how they were obtained.

If you send too many spammy emails, your deliverability score is affected as well as your IP address. If you want to protect the reputation of the two and your company in overall, it's best if you grow your email list.

4. Your email service provider won't be pleased

Not only does buying a list affect your deliverability and IP address, but your email account as well.

Established email providers like Outlook, Yahoo, and Gmail don't like to be associated with emails that are reported as spam.

Others like AWeber will even close your account if you are continually sending the wrong content.

5. No one sells a good email list

Unless a company is on sale or in the middle of a merger, then any email list you buy isn't valuable. The only other reason the email list can be on sale is because the list has been deemed as ineffective.

The email list may have been useful at the beginning, but it's probably been spammed to the ends of the earth. Otherwise, it would still be in the hands of the company selling it.

Think about it.

Would you sell the emails of potential clients who opt-in your email list?

6. Other businesses may be using the same list

Have you considered how many other business owners may have bought the same list? You might be many of you sending email after email to the same people.

The recipients may already be annoyed by the number of unwanted emails they may have received, and might not be very receptive to your offers.

Some receivers might even have resulted in abandoning the email addresses.

7. You might end up facing legal issues

Many countries have laws against sending bulk emails, such as the CAN-SPAM Act. While you might be on the right side of the law by buying the email list, you might still face difficulties.

If many people complain (and there is a high probability they will), you'll spend a lot of money on legal battles proving you didn't do anything wrong.

Also, your list may have people from different nationalities, and if you don't know, you may end up with legal problems from different nations, which could really hurt your business.

8. No expert recommends it

Read any marketing blog, none of them recommends you buy an email list.

Although marketing gurus have different opinions on what works and what doesn't work, they all agree on not buying an email list.

Therefore, buying an email list is a waste of both money and time.

So What Do You Do?

You'll get multiple offers to buy email lists on the web. But, you'll realize that it wasn't worth it after a few weeks of buying it. Instead of wasting time using such shortcuts, learn ways of building an email list. This will save you tonnes of disappointments. And your resources.

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