What is an Email Marketing Specialist & Why Does an SMB Need One?

Email marketing specialists fall under the digital marketing team. The latter is meaningless without a valid email marketing guru. The email marketing specialist understands the landscape of an email, securing conversions, driving traffic, and building lasting customer relationships out of the blues.
As a small business owner, this is what you need to allow you to focus on other needs of your startup.

What is an email marketing specialist?

This is a digital marketing specialist who creates email lists, writes business emails, and nurtures leads by following up with the audience.
The individuals work with email automation software, sending out newsletters, blasts, and more. Their aim is to build brand awareness and establish a position for the brand in the competitive market.
They are mainly crucial to small business owners who are just getting started and might not know how to operate the email marketing tools, or craft the emails.

What do email specialists do?

The job description of an email specialist can vary depending on the niche they decide to work on. Yet, there is an established list of the tasks that all email gurus should handle. They range from using automation email writing tools to having a one-on-one conversation with the subscribers. Some email specialists will choose to work with small businesses, while others will major on larger enterprises.
Here is a list of the roles and responsibilities of an email specialist in the marketing department.

  1. Create and monitor email campaigns
  2. Design email campaigns and ensure they’re user and mobile-friendly
  3. Proofreading emails
  4. Build or create email lists
  5. Secure email databases
  6. Design digital ads
  7. Perform A/B testing
  8. Clean and purge email lists
  9. Identify the audience and segment lists
  10. Create follow up emails
  11. Track and analyze email campaigns
  12. Placing product orders
  13. Aiding in other marketing efforts

These are a few examples of the kind of tasks that an email specialist does in their tenure.
A competent email marketing specialist will not only stop at these activities but also follow up on cart abandonment to see how they can encourage customers to make the sale.

What is the value of email marketing specialists?

The purpose of an email marketing campaign is to drive sales to small businesses and boosting the ROI. An email marketing specialist helps in leading the campaign in this direction.
Email specialists build campaigns that boost brand awareness and drive traffic to your website. With this, they can gain loyal customers from the competition in the market and ensure your business gets results within no time.
With research showing that there are more than 3.9 billion email users in 2020, it’s a booming sector that needs to be leveraged.
These emails create a culture of positivity and mutual understanding between the brand and the customers.
With the focus of nurturing relationships, companies can ensure they keep their existing customers, by simply using an email marketing strategy.
An email marketing specialist will use these contacts to create emails that walk through every step of a sale with the customers, to convert them to real buyers finally.

Final Thoughts
Email marketing is an essential part of the digital marketing department. With so many people embracing email services, it’s the best way to connect with your customers.
With that said, not everyone can write emails that can create a connection with a customer and build trust and encourage them to buy from your firm.
This is why you need an email marketing specialist for your SMB. The latter is conversant on the best strategies to build an email list from scratch, and lead them through the whole sales process. And finally, convert them to loyal fans.