Optimise Your Email Marketing Process with Templates


According to marketing professionals, countless hours are lost in creating email content. Performing the same tasks over and over for different subscribers brings down productivity, which could be effectively channelled for other essential duties.

The graph below shows the time spent on producing a marketing email across the globe.


Source: Statista

Now the good thing is that instead of wasting unnecessary time for creating email templates, whenever you want to send a marketing email, what if there is a more natural way to cut short the time that you spend to create a marketing email template.

All you need is to use a set of right templates which gives out your message clearly and crisply to the audience.

How does email marketing help your brand?

Marketing through email is one of the most sure-shot and cost-effective ways to communicate anything related to your brand or to sell your products online.

In a study conducted in 2015 by the DMA have revealed that for every 1 dollar spent on email marketing, the ROI (Return Of Investment) is $38.

Financial Express

Souce:Financial Express

Not only does email marketing serve as a great way to communicate with your audiences, but also as a vital channel in generating leads.

When a marketing email is sent to a customer with your brand’s logo with catchy graphics and colours that highlight your brand, it gels in with the minds of the viewers. And every time the audience opens your email it helps enhance the brand awareness.

This will also be helpful in giving updates to your customers regarding the upcoming events and current happenings to make sure that your brand stays right on top of their minds.

Studies have shown that email marketing is one of the most preferred ways of marketing in the US.

Components of an effective mail template

You must be wondering what really makes an email successful for marketing campaigns.

The truth is that there is no single solution since it is a complex topic and depends on several factors such as:

  • Customer requirements
  • Nature of the business
  • Brand
  • Marketing strategies etc.

Let us take a closer look into some of the vital components which are required for an effective mail template.

1. Subject line

This is perhaps the most underrated feature in an email template.

The subject line is very important as it is a must when it comes to grabbing the attention of the users. Several subscribers decide on whether to open or close an email solely based on the subject line alone.

Carefully crafted subject lines help to attract viewer attention and subtly convince them to open the emails.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • The subject line should be relevant to the viewers.
  • It should address the concerns of the readers.

2. Name of the sender

The name from which you are sending the email is of great importance. This is one of the things that your recipients check before deciding whether to open an email or not.

Carefully choosing the sender's name and consistently using the same name in all the emails will help you to gain the trust of your reader. Additionally, in all likelihood, they will get used to your name and automatically open your email each time your message pops up in their inbox.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • Use a friendly and recognisable name and try to avoid email names such as "do-not-reply@companyname.com" which makes it impossible for the readers to reply. It indirectly conveys the message that you are simply sending bulks email as a part of your marketing strategy.
  • Sometimes sending an email from the CEO of the company adds a touch of personalisation. Similarly, if you have recently released an ebook, you could choose the name of the author along with your company name.

3. Personalisation



9 out of 10 marketers believe that personalisation is the key to win the hearts of their customers. Readers are often attracted to personalised emails that can directly relate to their needs and provide relatable content.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • Try to make it appear to your readers that you are customising your emails specifically for them.
  • Try to use the demographic and behavioural data of your readers in your emails.
  • You could also add the name of their office, job position or their location.

4. Body copy

Once the viewer opens the email, the next important thing which drives conversion is the body copy. The content should be excellent to convince your readers that services you offer are unique and valuable.'

Making a body copy with bullet points and a concise header helps the reader skim through your email and get the important points from it.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • The language used should clearly convey what you have to offer without creating any confusion.
  • It should be written in a brief, compelling and interesting language, say for example...... Interesting right? Do you wish to know more?
  • Try to use bullet points to shorten the paragraphs and to avoid visual clutter making it easy for your readers to quickly grasp and understand what you want to convey.

5. Optimise for Mobile

Various studies agree that more than half of the emails are opened from a mobile device.



Thus, it is vital to ensure a mobile-friendly design. If your email is not optimised for mobile readers, chances are most likely that content will appear too large or too small on a mobile screen.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • Include enough white spaces between the sentences to make it easy for the viewers to scan through the content.
  • Use mobile-optimised templates for creating emails.
  • Pretest your email on popular mobile devices before sending.

6. Include Call to Action

The ultimate goal of sending a marketing email is to tempt your viewers to click on it and convert.



A call to action is the most important component of your email where the reader can click to purchase your products or services.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • Create a button or link that is visually distinctive to catch the reader's attention.
  • The language used in the call to action should be optimised and action-oriented. Say, for example "urgent"," register", "click me" etc.

7. Social media links

By adding a social media link to share your content in one easy click, you are not only expanding your reach on the audience but also broadening your opportunity for lead generation.

By sharing your email content on social media, there is a wider chance to convert. This is because social media creates personalised recommendations from one person to the other.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • Include an email forward link, asking your user to share it with a friend.
  • Incorporate links for all social media platforms such as Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc

8. Don't forget to include an unsubscribe button

An unsubscribe button is a great choice when it comes to removing the emails of customers who no longer want to engage with the products or services you have to offer.

US Stack exchange

Souce:US Stack exchange

This not only helps to save time and money but also prevents unnecessary wastage of manpower.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • The unsubscribe button should be clear and visible.
  • By filling your page with engaging and compelling content, you will invite less likelihood for the subscribers to leave your email list.

9. No compromise on visuals

Just like the old saying, "a picture is really worth a thousand words". By choosing an apt visual for your email, you could tie everything you mention along with the image.

Successful email marketing campaigns have been known to utilise templates that include images which are good enough to tell the story of the entire email.

Consider the following optimisation tips:

  • The visuals should be grasping and yet simple enough to understand.
  • The images should easily blend with the content of the email.

What are pre-made email templates?

This is an HTML file designed to help you with your email marketing campaigns. All you have to do is to simply copy-paste the marketing content into the template and shoot the mail.

A good email template will work on all mail service providers and render well on desktop and mobile devices. You could use the same template again and again for multiple campaigns.

Increased awareness of your brand will ensure that your customers are instantly attracted to your products every time they happen to see your services or products.

Research has shown that if a customer is given similar products of different brands, (one that they have heard of and the other unknown to them), it is guaranteed that they will pick only the known products.

Benefits of choosing a ready to use email template

1.Helps to send personalised messages

Various pieces of research has shown that personalisation is one of the critical factors which is essential for email marketing success. The graph below shows that the main agenda of personalization is to improve their customer experience and thereby to increase business performance as well.

US Stack exchange

94% of businesses say that personalisation helps to bring in success.

With a ready to use email template, all you need to do is to add in your personal elements and content and send it across. The pre-made templates therefore not only allow you a scope to personalise the content but also save time and manpower needed to create a completely new template.

2. Saves a lot of time

As mentioned above, selecting a ready to use template can save a lot of time which is required to create a design and content manually.

For intricate designs, it can take a substantial amount of time for optimising and getting approval from different layers of the organization, which can delay the campaign.

And we all know. Time saved is money saved.

On the other hand, if you have a ready to use email template, you could pour in your content with a pinch of personalisation and immediately send the email without waiting for lengthy approvals..

3. It increases revenue

Needless to mention, an adequately designed email template helps to streamline a good customer relationship.

More customers will be attracted to your brand, which will have a boosting effect on the overall revenue.

4. Helps to promote brand consistency

Choosing the same template every time you send a marketing email helps retain brand awareness. Every time the recipient sees your email, he immediately recognises your brand and will be tempted to try out your services or products.

It is also suggested to include your logo and websites along with the emails.

5. Improves communication



By choosing specially designed templates, it is possible to gain the trust of customers as they are looking for trustworthy brands.

Bottom Line

When it comes to email marketing, there is no simple magic formula. The prime goal for success is to experiment with different tactics always and to find out which all formulas work best for your business.

By carefully choosing the templates which are best suited, you can save both time and workforce. By opting for a ready to use template, you can hit the road running and immediately put your marketing strategy into action.

You don’t need to start from scratch. Check out Enginemailer’s gallery of ready made templates and modify them to suit your requirements.