What is an HTML Email Template?

If you just started digital marketing, you’ll find a lot of terminologies that you can’t wrap your head around. One of them is the email template.

In this article, we’ll discuss what’s an email template, and why businesses need one.

What is an HTML email template?

It can be defined as a reusable HTML file that’s used for emailing marketing campaigns.
An email template is an HTML file. This is the code that outlines the structure and data of a campaign.

It allows you to add images and links, and along with CSS, style your campaign to reflect your company’s design.

The main feature of the template is reusability. Unlike one-off email campaigns, the template can be used when running all campaigns. The templates are saved in the email service provider (ESP) or in any platform that allows the advertiser to add a link, copy, and images to the email campaign.

The benefits of using an email template

  1. Saves time. Using a template helps you produce an email campaign fast, as the code is already written.
  2. Maintaining your corporate voice with every communication. Since you don’t need to edit the text every time, anyone in the organization can send the emails while retaining the voice of the company.
  3. Reduce the margin of error. As there’s no need for typing every time you’re running a campaign, you remove a huge chunk of human error. You also avoid the risk of sending incorrect texts to potential leads.
  4. Have a working design for every email you send. After your template has been designed and tested, then you start using a template that doesn’t let you down, every single time.
  5. It boosts income. A well-designed template increases the level of engagement with your brand, which improves your relationship with your customer base. Maintaining communication and brand consistency boosts web traffic that reflects in your income.

Ready to Get Started with Email Templates?

If you’re looking to start using an email template, first decide the goal of your campaign. Are you advertising an event or a sale? Or do you want to boost the engagement level of your brand? Let your goal be the drive of the design and content of your template. Regardless of what template you choose, it will drastically reduce the time and resources you use in email campaigns.

Read more about HTML emails at https://www.enginemailer.com/create-html-email.