Dynamic Email Content

Send thousands of emails uniquely personalised to every recipient and boost conversions.

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Dynamic Content in Emails

Reach your Subscribers with tailor-made contents

Everyone’s Name at Your Fingertips

Personalise​ with Merge Tags

Be a familiar friend to your customers by inserting merge tags in your campaign such as Name fields to address recipients by their chosen names.​

Stay Spam Compliant

Use our email footer template to ensure that your campaigns are in compliance with the global spam regulations.

Stay Spam Complaint
Notify with API

Send API Triggered Emails

Save time and effort by using industry standard APIs to send automated triggered emails when your customers complete a specific action.



quoteI can send different campaigns to different customers based on their likes and preferences. Its like I’m connecting to them on a personal level.quote

Create an experience catered to each and every Subscriber today.

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