Category Segmentation​​

Tailor your messages based on demographics, behaviours, interests, and customer journeys.

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Category Segmentation

Increase engagement rates and achieve better results with targeted groups.

Segment by Demographics and Interest

Segment by Demographics

Match your audience to data sets in Custom Fields based on age, gender, country and more. This empowers you with the right understanding of your audience to send them relevant content.​

Target by Interest

Use Categories to profile Subscribers based on their interests and lead sources, e.g. online registrations, event attendees or product usage.

Segment by Activity
Target Niche Groups with Multiple Conditions​

Engage by Activity

Send follow up emails based on how your audiences react to your newsletters. Reward loyal customers and re-engage inactive users.



quote Learning how to use the segmentation feature really helped with our campaigns. We’re seeing a lot more interaction now from customers. quote

Target the right people and boost your engagement today.​

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